Bryant is an attractive 11-year-old with big brown eyes and an endearing smile. Talkative and friendly, he makes friends easily with adults as well as other children. He enjoys playing softball and watching baseball games on television. Bryant also has a creative side. He likes to draw pictures and has exceptional artistic ability.

Enrolled in an age-appropriate grade, Bryant is a straight-A student. He also does well in his foster placement, where he is liked by the staff and his peers. He has experienced much adversity in his young life, including many separations and losses. With the help of therapy, he is learning to express his feelings of anger and frustration in a healthy way. He works hard to behave positively.

Bryant knows what it means to be adopted and eagerly looks forward to becoming a member of a permanent family. He needs what all children in foster care need - a chance to grow, to give and receive love and to feel that they belong. He would flourish with a patient, understanding, supportive family that would give him the love and attention he desires and deserves.