Atlantic City and Resorts (Resorts was the first casino to open on May 26, 1978) will celebrate the 30th anniversary of casino gambling at the Shore with the following events:

Fireworks on the Boardwalk, followed by a party inside Resorts' Boogie Nights disco with music that was popular in 1978. 9:30 tonight.

Natalie Cole, Resorts' Superstar Theater, $75. 8 p.m. tomorrow-Sunday.

Skydiving show, with 30 divers jumping out of an airplane while trailing red, white and blue smoke. They will link hands and form the number "30" in mid-air. On the beach below, Resorts officials will recreate the first toss of the dice on a huge replica craps table. After that, a block party will be held, around North Carolina Avenue. Things get started at noon Monday. *