National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets *1/2

(Walt Disney Video, '07) $29.99. 124 mins. Nicolas Cage is historian Ben Gates, hunting for clues to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln . . . and for the success of this prequel. With Maryellen Aviano, Jon Voight, Ed Harris, Harvey Keitel.


(action, adult themes)

Vanaja ***1/2

(Emerging Pictures Home Entertainment, '07) $29.95. 112 mins. A fisherman's daughter hoping to learn Kuchipudi dance in South India is reminded of her place in the caste system.

No MPAA rating

(implied sexual violence, sexual candor)

Strange Wilderness

(Paramount, '07) $29.99. 84 mins. To boost its ratings, the crew of a wild animal TV series sets out for Ecuador to find Bigfoot. With Steve Zahn, Allen Covert, Jonah Hill.


(non-stop profanity, drug use, crude and sexual humor)

Indiana Jones Box Set

(Paramount Home Entertainment, '08) $49.99. 546 mins. The archaeologist's adventures -

Raiders of the Lost Ark


Temple of Doom


Last Crusade

- have been restored and remastered and include behind-the-scenes bonus material. With Harrison Ford.


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