Frank Sinatra never considered acting to be his forte.

Yet the legendary crooner, who made his screen debut as a singer with the Tommy Dorsey Band in 1941's

Las Vegas Nights

and went on to appear in 57 more pictures, turned in some remarkable performances over his film career.



) and Warner Home Video (


) commemorate the 10th anniversary of the iconic singer's death with four impressive boxed sets featuring a total of 18 films.

Warners' five-DVD

Frank Sinatra: The Early Years Collection

($39.98; not rated) has Sinatra honing his craft - and always singing - in the early films,

Higher and Higher


Step Lively


It Happened in Brooklyn


The Kissing Bandit

(1948), and

Double Dynamite


Frank Sinatra: The Golden Years

($39.98; not rated) includes one of Sinatra's most powerful turns, as a drug addict in Otto Preminger's harrowing

The Man With the Golden Arm

(1955), which co-stars Kim Novak. Other titles include Sinatra's only directorial job, the weak anti-war tale,

None But the Brave

(1965) and the terrific comedy

The Tender Trap

(1955), which co-stars Debbie Reynolds.

Some of Sinatra's best spins as a song-and-dance man are collected in the three-DVD

Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly Collection

($24.98; not rated), which features the musical masterpiece,

On the Town

(1949), plus

Anchors Aweigh

(1945) and

Take Me Out to the Ball Game


In The Rat Pack Ultimate Collectors Edition

($59.98; not rated), Sinatra & Co. star in five of the funniest films from the early 1960s, including

Ocean's 11

(1960), John Sturges'

Sergeants 3

(1962), the Robert Aldrich-helmed

4 for Texas

(1963), and

Robin and the 7 Hoods


Last, but not least, the five-film

Frank Sinatra MGM Movie Legends Collection

($39.98; not rated) includes two of Sinatra's most famous films, the classic indictment of McCarthyism

The Manchurian Candidate

(1962) and the brilliant musical

Guys and Dolls

(1955) teaming Ol' Blue Eyes with Marlon Brando. The boxed set also includes

The Pride and the Passion


Kings Go Forth

(1958) and

A Hole in the Head


Rambo: The Complete Collector's Set

(Lionsgate; $54.98; rated R), which is due out on Tuesday, is the perfect gift for fans of Sylvester Stallone, or people who just like to watch guys blow things up. The six-disc set, which contains all four Rambo films and about a gazillion special features shorts, comes in a studly metal box.

Sex and the City

's Sarah Jessica Parker wasn't always an intellectual sexpot babe. In her teens, she felt more like a square peg. Have a peek into her pre-history with

Square Pegs: Complete Series



; $29.95; not rated), which contains all 20 episodes of her brilliant yet short-lived high school sitcom from 1982.

Fans of classic fantasy fare shouldn't miss producer Alexander Korda's

The Thief of Baghdad

from Criterion (


; $39.95; not rated) scheduled for release Tuesday. The 1940 feature, which has a lush Technicolor feel, was noted for its groundbreaking special effects.

Luscious color and lush sets also pervades the five gruesome


in the

Dario Argento Collection

from Anchor Bay (


$49.98; not rated) which features


(1982), the Jennifer Connelly-starring



The Card Player

(2005) and

Do You Like Hitchcock