Alicia is a very friendly and sociable 14-year-old. Like most teenagers, she loves to spend time with her friends or chat with them on the phone. She also likes watching movies and playing video games. She has recently started running, which she enjoys and which is increasing her self-esteem.

Kind and loyal to those she cares about, Alicia is well-liked in her foster home and is popular at school. The ninth grader is interested in learning and benefits from having structured assignments.

Alicia struggles with feelings of grief because of the many separations and losses she has endured. Because of her experiences, she has a expectation of being rejected. However, in her foster home she is gradually realizing that people can accept her and love her.

Alicia has the potential to develop into a successful, productive adult. But she cannot do this alone. She needs the freedom to grow, to give and receive love, and to feel that she belongs. She would benefit greatly with a patient, loving, committed permanent family - a couple or a single female - who will provide structure and stability in her life.