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Love: Kimberly Ann Bucchieri & Ian Patrick Booth

They married April 19 on the 33d floor of the Loews Hotel, the former PSFS building. District Judge James DeAngelo officiated, and a reception for 150 followed.

April 19 on the 33d floor of the Loews Hotel, the former PSFS building. District Judge James DeAngelo officiated, and a reception for 150 followed.

They met

Ian and Kim met seven years ago at work, and they often hung out with the same group of friends. By spring 2006, each had gone through a divorce and a period of "dating hibernation," Kim said. Their mutual friends started asking why they weren't dating each other. Kim took Ian to her cousin's wedding, and by the end of the reception, both knew their friends were right.

He asked

In June 2007. One evening, Kim, 28, was sitting on the couch and Ian, 37, casually asked, "If I were to propose, what kind of proposal would you like?" Kim answered much as Ian knew she would. "I'd rather it be just the two of us, and not a big spectacle," she said. "I think that's more romantic."

"So, if I were to just come over . . . " Ian said as he walked toward the couch " ... and get down on one knee," he said as he knelt in front of Kim, "will you marry me?"

9 to 5

Kim, who is from Northeast Philadelphia, is a certified public accountant. Ian, who is from North Coventry, Chester County, is an attorney. Both are international tax consultants in the Philadelphia area.

Making a home

The couple live in Wilmington.

Doing it their way

Kim and Ian wanted a casual but chic evening - more a black-tie cocktail party than a sit-down wedding reception. "We liked the feel of doing something cool at night in the city," Kim said, which is why they chose the Loews, and the 33d floor, which offers gorgeous city views in all directions. The couple hired Arlene Bluestein of Evantine Design to transform the feel of the various former offices, where the wedding and reception were held. During the ceremony, the whole room was draped in white and lit only with votive candles. Then a jazz band played while guests enjoyed cocktails and looked out toward the sun setting over the Art Museum.

Not a dry eye

Kim got teary as Ian's sister, Jana, read an excerpt from The Velveteen Rabbit, and seeing her reaction got Ian all choked up.


Kim, running slightly ahead of schedule, was about to step off the elevator onto Floor 33 when a catering manager shooed her back on - Ian, who was not to see her before the ceremony, was nearby. Kim got back in, and the elevator took her to the ground floor. It was stop start, stop start as the elevator slowly made its way back to where her groom, the groomsmen and the judge were waiting at the altar.

"I joked with my best man after about a minute, 'Maybe she's not coming,' '' Ian said. After about four minutes, "people could see my jaw tightening up," he said, and it crossed his mind in the nervousness of the moment that maybe he had a runaway bride.

Then a catering manager smiled and nodded at Ian, and he knew his bride was there - somewhere. The couple estimate Kim's elevator odyssey made her five to 10 minutes late. "But it seemed like an hour," Ian said.

Kim and Ian say

Do your homework and find the perfect wedding professionals, then relax and let them do what they do best.


Ten days in Maui.