May 17 at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Beverly, Burlington County, with Deacon Herman Mosteller officiating. A reception for 175 followed at the Merion in Cinnaminson.

In 1999, Donna, then in her mid-20s, worked at a furniture store with Matt's mother, Betty Mount. Betty often spoke of her son, who was in high school, but Donna thought little of it. "He had a girlfriend. I had a boyfriend. Neither one of us knew that she had this plan," Donna said.

Then, right before his senior prom, Matt and his girlfriend broke up. Betty told Donna of the breakup, and said her poor son had no date for the prom. "I said I would go with him," Donna said. Matt likes to say: "I wooed her at the prom!" It must have worked. "By the end of the night, I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with him," Donna said.

He asked

In October 2005, the elder Mounts celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. "We gave them a surprise anniversary party with a Vegas theme," Donna said. They renewed their vows in a Vegas-style wedding." The mayor of Edgewater Park, Judy Hall, dressed as Elvis.

Matt had the ring, but he didn't plan to impose on his parents' good time. But mom Betty suggested that this fun-loving, family-filled celebration of lasting love was the perfect setting for a proposal. Matt left the party and got the ring. The band played their song, Tim McGraw's "My Best Friend," and Matt asked Donna to dance. Halfway through the song, he dropped to one knee. "He said I was the only woman in the world that would put up [him], and asked if I'd spend the rest of my life with him," Donna said.

9 to 5

Donna, 33, is the deputy mayor of Edgewater Park, N.J. She is also an executive assistant at a Princeton law firm. Matt, 26, is a technical support specialist at Abbott Point of Care, a medical and pharmaceutical equipment company. He is also a medical technologist for Lourdes Health Systems.

Making a home

The couple lives in Edgewater Park.

First steps

To Tim McGraw's "My Best Friend"

Doing it their way

The newlyweds delighted their guests with a reception comedy routine. With the crowds expecting the usual removal and tossing of the garter, Matt knelt before his new bride and pulled out a pair of enormous, brightly striped old-lady undies. Then came a baby doll, prompting the DJ to say, "I never had anyone give birth at a wedding before." The guests roared. The jokesters weren't done yet. During the cake-cutting, he wore a black hard hat, she wore a white one. They both wore safety goggles and covered up their wedding attire with construction trash bags - a good thing, since they smashed cake all over each other.

A sentimental moment: The couple asked all married couples to join them on the dance floor. Under the DJ's guidance, couples gradually left the until only the pair married the longest remained. That couple, friends of the bride's parents, were asked to advise Donna and Matt on marriage longevity. They advised them to fight a lot - and make up.

Not a dry eye

"As soon as I walked in the door, I lost it," Donna said. She cried the entire way down the aisle, inspiring many guests to join in her happy tears.


Pulling up outside the hall, the limo driver sideswiped a car. Just prior to the reception, the groom broke the bride's dress. He lifted her over his head for a photo, and the hook above the zipper broke, so the zipper kept sliding down. Bridesmaids found a safety pin that kept Donna together.

Donna says

"Don't let anything bother you; this is your day. Love every second of it, and enjoy your new spouse."


A mini-moon in Florida immediately following the wedding, and then a two-week Hawaiian cruise in September.