Upper Darby High School funny gal

Tina Fey

, who became a global sensation this fall for her caricature of GOP vice presidential candidate

Sarah Palin

, has been annointed this year's Entertainer of the Year by the Associated Press.

(Guess they couldn't choose Sarah herself, since she's not an entertainer - not officially, anyway.)

Fey, 38, was cited for making the "greatest impact on culture and entertainment in 2008." Robert Downey Jr., who blew up a lot of stuff in Iron Man and donned blackface as a pretentious white thesp in Tropic Thunder, came in second. The late Heath Ledger came in third for his turn as the Joker in The Dark Knight.

"Tina Fey is such an obvious choice," said Sharon Eberson, entertainment editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "She gave us funny when we really needed it, and, in a year when women in politics were making huge strides, Fey stood out in the world of entertainment."

A hat trick by the Boss

Bruce Springsteen

made a surprise guest appearance Monday night at the Hope Concert IV, a benefit show in Red Bank, N.J., joining local heroes

Bon Jovi


Southside Johnny Lyon

. The Boss played "Merry Christmas, Baby" and other numbers.

Meanwhile, London's the Telegraph reports that Bruce and Neil Young have been tapped to co-headline the prestigious Glastonbury music festival in 2009.

And, lest you accuse the Boss of being elitist, he has signed an exclusive deal with Wal-Mart to sell a new Greatest Hits CD beginning Jan. 13.

Bruce also has signed a marketing deal with f.y.e. stores, which will offer Boss cards and posters to consumers who pre-order the Jersey troubadour's next CD, Working on a Dream, due out Jan. 27.

Scarlett raises charity dough

How much would you pay for a hankie used by a pretty girl with the sniffles?

How 'bout $5,300? That's how much cash some fool spent on eBay on Monday to buy a tissue Scarlett Johansson blew into last week on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Proceeds benefit USA Harvest.

Kate & Leo's life journey

Kate Winslet

, 33, and

Leonardo DiCaprio

, 34, who helped make


the highest- grossing movie since the fall of the Roman Empire, are on a publicity tour for their latest collaboration,

Revolutionary Road

. The duo got veritably giddy when USA Today asked if they plan a third flick.

Quipped Kate: "Maybe we should just do something when we are really old and disgusting. Total has-beens. You know, 'Oh, there they are again. Bless them.' "

Speidi's matrimonial lie

E!Online has confirmed that


of the

Heidi Montag


Spencer Pratt

weddings were fake. But never fear! Fans of

The Hills

will get to endure yet another ceremony sometime in the future! E! says the couple "plan to create a fantasy ceremony for Heidi that would include patching things up with her family." Can't wait.

Ooh la la: Putin sans shirt

The Drudge Report yesterday asked its readers to pick the shirtless world leader they found more sexy:

Barack Obama


Vladimir Putin

. (The site featured photos of each man sans top.) As of yesterday afternoon, Putin was leading, 65 percent to 35 percent. (Where are you, Obama nation, when he really needs you?)