Certain people will do anything to extend their 15 minutes of fame.

Let's not beat around the shrubbery here: We're talking about Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, a.k.a. Speidi. (In this case, a.k.a. stands for "annoyingly known as.")

First, with their gaudy wedding, they shanghaied the season finale of The Hills, upstaging what should have been a farewell for the show's departing star, MTV princess Lauren Conrad. Always the bridesmaid, LC.

You have to wonder if Heidi gets the holy matrimony concept. Planning the event, she said, "Like, I want it to be the best cake anyone's ever had because that's the most important part, you know, of the whole thing, really."

The very next night, the couple set about hogging the spotlight on I'm a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here! with their constant "We're so out of here. No, we're back" stunt.

The show brought out the worst in Speidi (or is that redundant?), especially their sudden, disquieting embrace of religion. BTW, Spencer, it's doubtful the Lord is very impressed with you getting "baptized" on camera by Stephen Baldwin.

At one point, Spencer announced to the rest of the cast, "I am a super celebrity. My wife is a super celebrity. We're the most famous people in the world!"

Dude, you're not even the most famous people in that little clearing in the Costa Rican jungle.

Working the camera. Can Will Ferrell promote a film, or what? Sunday, he was on the MTV Movie Awards doing a kooky impersonation of Neil Diamond. (To quote Warren Zevon: "His hair was perfect.") Mentions of and commercials for Land of the Lost galore.

The next night, he was the inaugural guest on The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien, where he was introduced as "Land of the Lost's Will Ferrell."

The weirdest appearance came the following evening on Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel, where he ventured into northernmost Sweden with Bear Grylls. It was a promotional deal in which everyone on the show, even the reindeer, had to repeatedly mention the name of the film.

By the time he showed up on Jimmy Kimmel's Game Night special prior to the Lakers-Magic tip-off, Ferrell was understandably looking a little weary.

This guy really commits to a project. But from what I hear, Land of the Lost needs all the help it can get.

Extra duck sauce. Best line of the week came in the debut of USA's amusing series Royal Pains. Visiting his depressed brother's bachelor cave, Evan (Paulo Costanzo) sniffs, "It smells like a moose had sex with Chinese food in here."

Back from the dead. TV is a tough racket. Without a Trace landed two episodes in the Nielsen top 10 last week. In the Philadelphia market, the Thursday rerun was the most-watched program on television.

Cause for celebration? Not really. CBS canceled the show last month.

You again? Fox announced that auditions for Season 9 of American Idol commence June 14 in Boston.

Wow, seems like only yesterday Kris Allen was snatching the Idol crown from Adam Lambert. Maybe because it was yesterday.