Let's start with this Twitter tweet from that 'tweet Twitterer,

Lindsay Lohan

: "Focusing on celebrities and lies is so disconcerting, when we can be changing the world one child at a time. . . . " LiLo's in India filming a BBC 3 documentary on human trafficking in India. Noted! Now, let's get to those celebrities and lies. . . .

A scandal like no other

We'll say this about


Tiger Woods

: So many women are involved that they're fighting among themselves! How great is that? On NBC's


yesterday, one mistress-claimant and model,

Jamie Jungers

, told host

Meredith Vieira

she chilled with El Tigre but took no money, and then denied she worked for escort-service proprietor

Michelle Braun

. Braun says Jungers is, like, stinky-lyin': Braun says that she paid Jungers and another lass,

Holly Sampson

, to go keep lonely Tiger company, and that she has the 1099 tax forms to prove it! It's like watching the Philly marathon: Someone new is always coming into the picture.

Gamble tune stars today

From "Peace Train" to the Army-Navy game! Today's Army-Navy face-off at Lincoln Financial Field will be all-Philly and no mistake. The pregame music will be "I Am an American," an anthem penned by "Philadelphia Sound" cocreator

Kenny Gamble

. He wrote it as part of his effort to combat homelessness among veterans. A CD, sung by

Patti LaBelle

and the

Temple University Symphony and Choir

, appeared last year. A DVD documentary is also out,

I Am an American: The Making of an Anthem

, with proceeds donated to aid homeless vets. Scenes from the docu will play at Lincoln Financial as the anthem sounds. This, BTW, is the 110th Army-Navy game and the 87th time it has been played in the COBL.

Kendra has her baby

A hearty "Hiya!" to

Hank Baskett IV

, a big 9-pound, 5-ounce baby boonerboofer boy born to

Kendra Wilkinson

, wife of former Eagles football-catcher

Hank Baskett

, now with the Indianapolis Colts. Mom, baby, and slightly less relevant dad are all fine.

Conchords landing?

We hope not. Those two clever Kiwis from New Zealand,

Bret McKenzie


Jemaine Clement,

also known as the duo

Flight of the Conchords

, say on their Web site, or seem to say, that the show is done after two seasons. That would be terrible. It's not 100 percent clear. Here's the post: "We've noticed the less we say about the future of the show, the more people want to talk about it. So in an effort to reverse this trend we are today announcing that we won't be returning for a third season." Could be a joke. Maybe they're just saying, "Hush for a bit, people." Or maybe it really is all over. Why, HBO?

Miley Cyrus uses her lips

On the Champs-Élysées, there was singer/actress

Miley Cyrus

, walking with a male person, and so overwhelmed by the romance of Paris in December was she that she pasted him, mwah!, right

en plein aire

! From photos, it appears to be her bf,

Liam Hemsworth

, her costar in

The Last Song

. He doesn't look altogether ready for it, either, but hey, that's young love.

This man is nuts

He is, that is, if he's gorgeous

Justin Timberlake

and he's cheating on

Jessica Biel

, a nice and blindingly lovely person. Even in the celeb cosmos, where it's commonplace for guys to cheat on the most beautiful women in history,


would be a case of male pattern dumbness! Last month, Jess strictly denied rumors of a split with the former Mouseketeer. But at an NYC release party at Hudson Terrace Wednesday for the new



Shock Value II

, JT (love those initials!) was swarmed by lovelies and likin' it. He left the bash with pal

Trace Ayala

, director

Brett Ratner,

and a buncha wimmens, headed for the ominously named Boom Boom Room. C'mon, man, go see about Jess and be good!