Reruns of the ABC-canceled Mike Judge animated show "The Goode Family" will begin appearing on Comedy Central Jan. 4, the cable network announced last week.

Tributes from TCM

Turner Classic Movies will honor actress Jennifer Jones with a four-film tribute on Jan. 7, beginning with "Duel in the Sun" at 8 p.m., followed by "Beat the Devil," "Madame Bovary" and "Indiscretions of an American Wife."

Jones, who won an Oscar for "Song of Bernadette," died last week at the age of 90.

The following night, TCM will celebrate what would have been the 75th birthday of Elvis Presley with a 20-hour marathon for which Priscilla Presley will join host Robert Osborne.

It's the pits

As "reality" TV becomes ever more specialized, it's no longer enough to have just one gimmick. And so Animal Planet, capitalizing on the success TLC has had exploring the lives of little people, plans a Jan. 16 premiere of "Pit Boss," a show about a little person, former actor and current talent agent "Shorty" Rossi, who also rescues pit bulls.

Not surprisingly, it's describing "Pit Boss" as "Little People/Big Dogs."

Meanwhile, A&E, which already has "Paranormal State," is adding "Paranormal Cops" to the mix on Jan.

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