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score sheet for the 2010 String Band lineup.

We've boiled the byzantine scoring system down to four key Mumming metrics. Jot down your ratings, then log on to go.philly.com/UBjudge to let us know which string band was No. 1 in your book.

Line of March

1. Greater Overbrook

Memories of the Way We Were

2. Trilby

Trilby's Rilby's La Vida Loca

3. Broomall

Broomall's Barnyard Bash

4. Irish American

Wastin' Away in Mummerietaville

5. Aqua

It's About Time!

6. Uptown

La Fiesta Mexicana

7. Duffy

Animal Crackers

8. Durning

Good Clean Fun

9. Woodland


10. Polish American

The Jokers Ball

11. Hegeman

Clowning Around Town

12. Greater Kensington

Empire of the Czar

13. South Philadelphia

Gathering of Nations

14. Avalon

Prairie Tales

15. Quaker City

Mums of La Mancha

16. Fralinger

Fralinger's Feudin', Fussin' and a Fightin'

17. Ferko

Hobo Junction


(maximum, 40 points)


(maximum, 20 points)

Captain and Theme

(maximum, 20 points)


(maximum, 20 points)


(out of 100 points)