Casino Jack and the United States of Money

Oscar-winning documentarian Alex Gibney examines the stranger-than-fiction saga of Jack Abramoff, the superlobbyist turned convicted felon whose schemes and dreams entangled American Indian casino kingpins, U.S. senators, and members of Congress. A fascinating tale of money, power, corruption, and greed.

No MPAA rating

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Fans of Stieg Larsson's dark, chilling Swedish mystery will be stunned by this skillfully faithful adaptation, by its ace compression, and by the scarily good Noomi Rapace as Larsson's punky, multipierced, cyber-hacking heroine, Lisbeth Salander. It's as if the book's pages had sprung to life - and life's a twisted, violent, evil thing! No MPAA rating

Please Give A clutch of guilt-plagued neurotic New Yorkers (is there any other kind?) ruminate about real estate and relationships in Nicole Holofcener's funny and observant character study. Rebecca Hall, Catherine Keener, Amanda Peet, and Oliver Platt star. R