Get Him to the Greek

Great? No. Good? Oh, yeah. This Forgetting Sarah Marshall spin-off reunites Russell Brand as a dissolute rock star and Jonah Hill as a fanboy in a naughty version of Almost Famous. This time, instead of writing the rocker's legend, the fanboy restores him to his former glory.


Marmaduke Talking dogs! Kids will doubtless enjoy the live-action misadventures of the popular cartoon Great Dane. Owen Wilson, who sounds like John Wayne on laughing gas, is the voice of Marmaduke. PG

Splice Vincenzo Natali's experiment in bioterror - think Frankenstein spliced with Rosemary's Baby - stars Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley as geneticists who combine human with animal DNA. Their spawn? A creature who triggers their parental feelings - and deepest fears. R