We asked some of the Orchestra's musicians about their first impressions of Yannick Nezet-Seguin. Here are their comments:

"Behind his energy are very intelligent listening skills, analyzing and organizing quickly with an emotionally exciting nature."

- Don Liuzzi, principal timpani

"He brought a combination of great enthusiasm and intelligence in those two weeks."

- Jennifer Montone, principal horn

"He's certainly one of the most personable guest conductors we've ever had."

- Henry Scott, bass

"YNS made a tremendous impression in his debut with the orchestra, which continued on his return. He seems to have an instinctual way of communicating through his gestures, and his music-making is very natural. His high energy level is exciting, so we should be in for quite a time."

- David Cramer,

associate principal flute

"It was obvious that he's an incredibly instinctive conductor."

- Herold Klein, violin

"I was totally impressed with how mature and polished he appeared, with so much youthful energy."

- Paul Roby,

associate principal second violin

"His personality is so genuine; he's an awesome musician with amazing energy."

- Carol Jantsch, principal tuba

"I've never been more excited to make music, and I'm thrilled to collaborate with such a fantastic conductor."

- Jason De Pue, violin

"He has the unique ability to create an atmosphere of collaboration when it comes to music-making - a rare skill. Everyone feels relaxed in his presence, focused on gestures he gives and energized when he's on the podium."

- Christopher Deviney,

principal percussion