It's Doomsday, a day to kick back and savor the small stuff, the diamond dust that matters, yo! . . . CBS3/CW Philly anchor and Delco resident

Susan Barnett

and husband

Greg Persichetti

are expecting their third child, a girl, this September. They'll have to go from man-to-man to zone press, with two sons already,


, a year old this July, and


, 4. . . .

Track Palin

, 22, eldest bairn of inspirational speaker

Sarah Palin

, has married high school sweetie

Britta Hanson,

21. . . . Did you see CBS's

Late Late Show

Tuesday? Host and "SideShow" favorite

Craig Ferguson

said his next guest was "the leader of the elite Navy SEAL Team 6, Captain White," and out came . . .

Betty White

herself in camo! Whereupon she told the

true story

of the storming of

Osama bin Laden

's compound. "We were supposed to take him alive," she said, "but . . . you put a gun in Betty White's hand and she just starts shooting!" Clears


one up. . . .

Harold Camping

, Christian broadcaster and prez of Family Radio, is the guy who got the May 21 Doomsday thing rolling. Hey -

he might be right

. He plans to watch Saturday's events (if any) on TV. . . . To the amazement of few,

The Governator


Arnold Schwarzenegger

's animated project, has been canceled. . . .

Lindsay Lohan

was asked on an Aussie radio show, "We'd love to know whether you're like a lesbian or whether you're a bi . . . 'cause boys wanna know if they still have a chance ... have we still got a chance?" LiLo: "Yes." . . .

Jennifer Aniston

was seen dining with

Justin Theroux

. . . but no . . . oh, there she is with

Bradley Cooper

. . . but nooooo . . . .