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Tattle: E! News' Rancic opts for double mastectomy

Six weeks after revealing she has breast cancer, "Fashion Police" panelist Giuliana Rancic says she will have a double mastectomy.

Six weeks after revealing she has breast cancer, "Fashion Police" panelist Giuliana Rancic says she will have a double mastectomy.

The 37-year-old E! News host made the announcement yesterday on NBC's "Today" show. (E! is part of the NBC/Universal/Comcast family.)

"It was not an easy decision, but it was the best decision for me," she said.

She plans to have the surgery next week and said she hopes to be recovered by New Year's Eve, when she and husband Bill Rancic ("The Apprentice") are planning to be in Times Square.

Giuliana said she received an "overwhelming outpouring of love, prayers and support" after announcing diagnosis in October.

"I want to make sure to thank everyone and give them an update for being so kind and loving and supportive," she said yesterday.

What're they thinking?

Tattle understands the way the publicity game works. If you have a project that needs a little ink, you sign some notorious actor to it or get someone already attached to do/say something outrageous.

The Super Bowl, however, doesn't need any publicity. Everyone knows when it is and almost everyone already watches.

So having Madonna perform at halftime does . . . what exactly?

It angers parents who view the game as family fun and view Madonna as some sex-crazed, gay-loving Satanic spawn.

It creates potential wardrobe malfunction controversy.

It certainly takes away from . . . the game.

Madonna won't even be performing solo. She'll team with Jamie King and Cirque Du Soleil - because the game isn't enough of a circus.

The Material Woman told "Extra!" "It's a huge deal, my God! To be as exciting as the football game is a huge challenge. And to get your stage set up in eight minutes, another huge challenge."

To get football fans to care about the halftime show? That's an even bigger challenge.


* "Rango," "Rio," "Puss in Boots" "The Adventures of Tintin," "Arthur Christmas," "Cars 2," "Kung Fu Panda 2" and three foreign contenders, "A Cat in Paris," "Arrugas" and "Chico & Rita," will compete for best-animated film at the Annie Awards.

Presented by the International Animated Film Society, the Annies will be awarded Feb. 4 in L.A.

* As a follow-up to yesterday's

item about Pakistani actress  

Veena Malik, whose "naked" photo in FHM India has sent her countrymen into a frenzy, she's suing the magazine for a hundred million rupees ($2 million), accusing it of publishing doctored photos.

Larry King said on his CNN special Sunday night that he wants to be frozen after he dies so he can be brought back.

After you die, Larry, it's too late. You might want to try it now.

Kate Gosselin ran a marathon

in Las Vegas Sunday.

The paparazzi gave up chasing her at around the 14-mile mark.

Rosie O'Donnell is getting

married again. The missus-to-be is Michelle Rounds, 40, an IT headhunter in NYC.

"I thought she was a 28-year-old heterosexual girl, because that's what she looked like to me. And she's a 40-year-old gay woman," Rosie, 49, told "Nightline" in October. "My gaydar was way off!"

* Scottish artist Martin Boyce,

44, has won this year's Turner Prize - Britain's best-known and most provocative art award.

The $41,000 prize is awarded annually to a British artist under 50.

No upset here, Boyce was the British bookmakers' favorite to win.

That's right, in England, you can bet on modern art.

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