LACROSSE HAS largely been left out of the sports cinema pantheon. But never fear, LAX fans! You can finally experience your overwrought, life-lessons-via-athletics saga (complete with comely young stars) in the form of "A Warrior's Heart."

Kellan Lutz, proving why he is mostly eye candy in the "Twilight" franchise, plays Conor Sullivan, a West Coast-bred lacrosse player whose military dad moves his family across the country so Conor will have a chance of playing on the Naval Academy's team. But Conor is a hothead in desperate need of an attitude check, whose behavioral problems are only exacerbated by his father's death in action. So, it's off to a "Karate Kid"-style lacrosse camp, presided over by his father's sage Native American army buddy (Adam Beach, who is really too good for all of this).

But can Conor reform? Will he return to the team to win the big game against his old school? Will Conor's coach finally approve of his relationship with his adorable daughter ("Twilight's" Ashley Greene)? Did you know they played lacrosse on the West Coast?

"A Warrior's Heart" is a rote exercise in the sports movie genre, buoyed only by a cast full of young men who look good in their uniforms.