When asked how she describes herself, Emonie, 13, confidently replies, "Smart, pretty, and intelligent." She enjoys many activities including hopscotch, playing basketball, listening to R&B music, and designing clothes. When she grows up, she would like to be a doctor.

Emonie is enrolled in seventh grade and her favorite subject is math. She likes it so much that she solves math problems in her spare time. She also loves arts and crafts and can be very creative. In the last few months Emonie has improved greatly in the ability to express herself and to develop relationships.

Emonie has the potential to be successful and reach her personal goals. However, she cannot do this alone. She needs the freedom to grow, to give and receive love, and to feel that she belongs.

Emonie has experienced many separations and losses and needs the stability of a permanent family. The ideal situation for her would be a home with a patient, loving, and supportive family, one that will guide her through the teen years and help her achieve her goals. It would be best if she is the youngest or only child.