FRIED CHICKEN and doughnuts might be the foods du jour, but this time of year, you need gifts, not grub. Just in time for holiday shopping, century-old Shane Confectionary has reopened with a full stock of fully gift-able sugar (110 Market St., 215-922-1048, open daily,

Classic candies are the specialty of this charming Old City shop. Stock up on house-made Philadelphia buttercreams, $28-$32 per premade box; clear Christmas toys (hard candies made in antique kettles and molds), $4-$28; and chocolate-coated candied bacon, $3.50 per slice - one item no stocking should be stuffed without.

Not to be outdone, King of Prussia has its own sweet ops. Cult-followed, California-based See's Candies has carts in the Court, near Santa, and the Plaza, by Nordstrom. Go 'head. Sneak a few for yourself. 'Tis the season to be jolly.

- Lauren McCutcheon