GETTING the hardware and software synchronized for a high-tech product introduction isn't always easy. In the case of 3D TV, the complaint "there's nothing to watch" may have held some weight. But this holiday season, there are wonders galore to explore on 3D Blu-ray video discs. And some pay TV customers can have it really good if they've invested in a 3D-ready television and increasingly comfortable companion glasses.

Major figures like Martin Scorsese ("Hugo"), Wim Wenders ("Pina") and Werner Herzog ("Cave of Forgotten Dreams") are classing up the field.

Ever-progressive musical artist Peter Gabriel has put out a stunning concert video, "New Blood: Live in London in 3Dimensions" (Eagle Vision).

No film studio's done more to promote the 3D cause than Disney, this season fillling store shelves with worthy stereoscopic, family-friendly animated films. All three Pixar "Toy Story" films are available in 3D. Also highly recommended is "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D." "Cars 2" kept this Gizmo Guy grinning.

There's enough adult-skewing material mixed in with the cute characters to make "The Smurfs in 3D" (Columbia/Sony) a very sweet treat for all ages.

Nobody's doing more for 3D on the home front than DirecTV, which has two full time 3D channels. The Discovery/Sony/IMAX backed 3net has the season's best treat - "IMAX Nutcracker," melding ballet, Cirque-style acrobatics and Monty Python-esgue humor.