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Sideshow: Lohan's dad: Cool Playboy ploy!

Lindsay Lohan's estranged father, Michael, hasn't exactly been a beacon of support when it comes to his daughter's life. He has repeatedly called her decisions into question and has appealed for her to enter rehab.

Lindsay Lohan's estranged father, Michael, hasn't exactly been a beacon of support when it comes to his daughter's life. He has repeatedly called her decisions into question and has appealed for her to enter rehab.

So we're a bit surprised that MiLo has suddenly come out as a champion of his lil' girl - for taking her clothes off in Playboy.

It was a "good move" for her career, MiLo tells Dr. Drew Pinsky on the CW gabshow Dr. Drew's Lifechangers. What career direction is that? Soft-core? "If she's happy with it, I'm happy with it."

MiLo knows his boundaries: He says he has no intention of looking at the Playboy pics. That would be weird. Transgressive.

"I heard it's classy," he concludes.

Maybe LiLo's career is taking off?

London's Daily Mail has published a photo of Lindsay Lohan conspicuously holding a screenplay in her hand as she walks through JFK International. Conclusion: LiLo's photo shoot has so helped her career that she has been offered film roles. Right. Quod erat demonstrandum.

Green Lantern, Blake Lively to wed!!!

No, not really. Got your attention, though.

Things are getting serious between Ryan Reynolds, 35, and his post-Scarlett Johansson rebound girl, girlie-girl Gossip Girl star Blake Lively. Ryan took Blake, 24, back to his hometown of Vancouver. Did she meet his parents? People mag is vague. It does say the duo stopped for refreshments at a cupcake shop.

Meanwhile, ScarJo denies rumors she is dating Tribes guitarist Dan White, telling Us Weekly she has "never heard of him" or met him.

Anne Hathaway to wed at Jersey Shore?

She's a bona fide Hollywood darling. A glamour puss. A megastar. But if her family has its way, Anne Hathaway will say her I do's to jewelry-designer beau Adam Schulman in her hometown, Cape May, Anonymous Source tells the New York Daily News. Anne's rep tells the tabloid the actor has yet to decide the city or venue.

Tidbits 'n' pieces

Paris Hilton is the cover girl for the January issue of Vanity Fair's Spain edition. One lush pic leaked by London's Daily Mail features her lounging on a gorgeous sofa using her cellphone to take a pic of herself lounging on the gorgeous sofa holding a cellphone to take a pic of herself. A comment on our postmodern obsession with seeing ourselves being seen by others seeing ourselves being seen? Dizzy! . . . Will & Grace's Debra Messing and Daniel Zelman may have called it quits after 20 years together (10 of it married), but according to Us Weekly, they plan to continue living together for the sake of their 7-year-old son, Roman. At least for now. Crazy or wise? . . . In a testament to the dark, magical control Kim Kardashian exerts over the unwary public, her estranged hub, New Jersey Nets ballplayer Kris Humphries, was booed big-time when he took the floor Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden for the Nets' game against the New York Knicks. New York won, 88-82. Why love her and hate him? . . . Brit mega-selling singer Adele tweets that she's doing well after undergoing throat surgery. . . . Gossip blog claims Marilyn Manson's ex-gf Evan Rachel Wood, 24, is about to announce she's engaged to English Eagle and Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn star Jamie Bell.

It's a boy for Jeremy Sisto - soon

Six Feet Under and Law & Order actor Jeremy Sisto, 37, tells CBS's The Talk that he and wife Addie Lane are expecting their second child, a boy, in March. The couple have a 2½-year-old daughter, Charlie-Ballerina.

Matt Damon slams President Obama

Matt Damon, who fervently campaigned for candidate Barack Obama, has been in the headlines lately for making a series of - frightfully well-informed and articulate - attacks on President Obama's policies. Once a proponent of visionary ideas, says Damon, Obama has turned into a mediocre politician.

"I've talked to a lot of people who worked for Obama at the grassroots level," Damon tells the new edition of Elle. "One of them said to me, 'Never again. I will never be fooled again by a politician.' "

Adds Damon, referencing a famous statement by Obama, "You know, a one-term president with some [chutzpah] who actually got stuff done would have been, in the long run of the country, much better." Obama once told Diane Sawyer he'd rather be a good one-term prez than a mediocre two-term one.

Matt Damon slams the Democrats

In his Elle interview, Matt Damon also discusses the Occupy Wall Street movement, saying that the liberal movement is proof many voters aren't satisfied with the status quo.

"People are literally without any focus or leadership, just wandering out into the streets to yell right now" because they are so peeved, he says. "Imagine if they had a leader."

Love hurts - especially in Helsinki

Did you know Adam Lambert is dating a Finn? The Hollywood Reporter says Adam was arrested Thursday outside Helsinki's famous gay bar DTM (Don't Tell Momma) after getting into an altercation with his bf, Finnish reality star Sauli Koskinen, the 2007 winner of Finland's Big Brother. (Wonder if they were there to see the obscure local cult band the Helsinki Five.)

Beauty queen Sofia Ruusila, who was partying with the boys, tried to break up the passionate fight when Adam hit her by mistake.