Rakeem, 11, is well-mannered, helpful, respectful, and playful. He enjoys talking and likes to share with others how his day is going. He gets along well with other children and easily establishes relationships. Rakeem is very talented at playing football and would like to play the game professionally when he grows up. He also is skilled at basketball. When he is not involved in sports, Rakeem likes playing video games.

In school, Rakeem receives special-education services and benefits from the small class size and individual attention. Math is his favorite subject, and he is an excellent reader.

A Lifebook, a continuing record of his life, including photos, souvenirs, documents, and other items as well as his comments, has been started for him. He looks forward to showing it to the family who will adopt him. Rakeem needs a loving, understanding, and supportive family who will provide a structured environment for him and guide him to a bright future. It would be best if he is the only child in the home. Rakeem has been an excellent and protective sibling to his younger brother, and the contact should be maintained.

Rakeem and other children

are available for adoption by approved applicants. For a free information packet, contact

the National Adoption Center, 1500 Walnut St., Suite 701, Philadelphia 19102. Call 215-735-9988, or visit the website at www.adopt.org.