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Tattle: Katy Perry's guy: Brand ex?

RUMORS OF TROUBLE between Katy Perry and Russell Brand have been circulating for a few months, but the fighting appeared to escalate before Christmas.

RUMORS OF TROUBLE between Katy Perry and Russell Brand have been circulating for a few months, but the fighting appeared to escalate before Christmas.

The couple chose to vacation apart.

Far apart.

Russell hit the pub in Cornwall.

Katy hit the beach in Kauai.

"They had a massive fight," an insider told Us Weekly. "She was like, 'F--- you. I'm going to do my own thing.' Russell replied, 'Fine, f--- you, too.'"

Ah, young love.

"They haven't split up just yet, but things are not good," said the insider. "The fighting is getting worse."

Not to mention the language.

What does the insider say is one of the stumbling blocks to the couple's wedded bliss?

"Katy doesn't think Russell respects her parents' Christian beliefs or her friends."

Gee, you'd think some of that would have been talked about before the wedding.

Dream on

Steven Tyler, 63, has popped the question to his 38-year-old girlfriend, Erin Brady, and Erin was a lot happier about it than Steven's family.

According to, several of Tyler's kin don't like his new fiancee.

"She's just not nice," said one source.

"She's just been mean to the family," said another.

This will be the third marriage for the Aerosmith frontman, who was wed to model Cyrinda Foxe from 1978 to 1987 and clothes designer Teresa Barrick from 1988 until 2006.

The former womanizer says that Erin has changed him.

"There was some behavior I am ashamed of and I shouldn't have done," he said, "and I don't want to hurt anybody again. For all the divorces I've had, I hurt those girls deeply. There was some behavior that I'm ashamed of and I shouldn't have done."

Steven's oldest daughter, Liv, 34, is from his short relationship with model Bebe Buell. Mia, 33, is from his marriage to Cyrinda. Daughter Chelsea, 22, and son Taj, 21, are from his marriage to Teresa.

Hound watch

Owen Wilson, split 6 months from his babymama, Jade Duell, spent Christmas in St. Barts flirting with a number of curvaceous beauties.

Since Owen chose not to commit to Jade, we're assuming that his 11-month-old son was back home with her and not sleeping in his stroller by the bar.

"Owen wanted the freedom to do what he wanted with his friends, both male and female," an unnamed source said, "while remaining a family unit with Jade and the baby.

"But Jade wasn't willing to go along with that, so Owen decided to end things with her."

* This New Year hasn't even hit yet, but Ashton Kutcher said that next year he wants to spend New Year's Eve in Australia.

Oddly, that's where Demi Moore would also like him to spend it.


* New York native Lady Gaga has been chosen by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to lead this year's New Year's Eve countdown in Times Square.

Previous Bloomberg choices have included former President Bill Clinton and his secretary of state wife, Hillary Clinton, boxing legend Muhammad Ali and Rudy Giuliani.

* The Wall Street Journal has named Emma Watson's pixie and Justin Bieber's "swish" as 2011's most influential haircuts.

In return, Glamour and Elle plan to start writing about IPOs and mutual funds in 2012.

* Ms. Tattle will be on duty tomorrow. See you Tuesday. Have a happy and healthy New Year.

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