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Second season of 'Justified' due on DVD

What can you say about U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant), the gun totin' hero of FX's mordant 21st-century TV lawman series, Justified?

What can you say about U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant), the gun totin' hero of FX's mordant 21st-century TV lawman series,



Givens is devilishly handsome - and altogether devilish, but in a lovable way.

He's a crack shot. And he always gets his man - or woman. But not before suffering a few bruises and a whole lot of humiliation.

Lexington, Ky.'s wiseacre lawman was created years ago by crime writer Elmore Leonard, but he seems tailor-made for Olyphant (Deadwood, Damages), whose deadpan delivery and lanky gait stamp Justified as one of the most inspired shows on TV.

Writer-producer Graham Yost's series, which costars Nick Searcy, Walton Goggins, Joelle Carter, and Emmy-winner Margo Martindale, ended its second season in July - and is finally coming out on DVD and Blu-ray.

Justified: The Complete Second Season, due from Sony on Tuesday, contains all 13 episodes of the season. (; $39.95 DVD; $49.95 Blu-ray; not rated)

More TV on DVD

The Borgias: The First Season.

A remarkable, accomplished, literary - and equally lusty, violent, and trashy - series helmed by master director Neil Jordan, this costume drama set in Renaissance Italy has serious bite. Jeremy Irons stars as Rodrigo Borgia, the cunning power broker who became Pope Alexander VI. His exalted office didn't exactly make him more spiritual, but it did help make him and his two ambitious sons, Cesare (François Arnaud) and Juan (David Oakes), more powerful. Holliday Grainger costars as Rodrigo's young daughter, Lucrezia Borgia. The nine-episode first season is out from Showtime Home Entertainment.

(; $49.99 DVD; $65.99 Blu-ray; not rated)

Boardwalk Empire: The Complete First Season. The superlative crime drama stars Steve Buscemi as a political heavyweight who controls the illegal booze trade in Prohibition-era Atlantic City. The show features story lines involving real gangsters Al Capone (Stephen Graham), Arnold Rothstein (Michael Stuhlbarg), and Lucky Luciano (Vincent Piazza). The brilliant cast also includes Michael Pitt, Michael Shannon, and Kelly Macdonald. HBO Studios will release the 12-episode first season Jan. 10. (; $59.99 DVD; $79.98 Blu-ray; not rated)

Archer: Season 2. The jokes come straight from the gutter in this awesome animated spy spoof from 20th Century Fox that marries Get Smart-ish goofball slapstick with King of the Hill-edged satire and the pubescent sexuality of Austin Powers. (; $29.98 DVD; $39.99 Blu-ray; not rated)

Glee: The Concert Movie. Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Heather Morris, Kevin McHale, and other cast members from Fox's hit TV musical do their Glee-ful thing in this concert film from 20th Century Fox, shot during their sold-out tour. (; $29.99 DVD; $34.99 Blu-ray; not rated)

Other DVDs of note


Steven Soderbergh (


) pulls out all the stops in this chilling thriller about a deadly pandemic that wipes out millions. More terrifying because it really could come true, the Warner Bros. film, which costars Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Laurence Fishburne, and Bryan Cranston, is due Tuesday.

(; $28.98 DVD; $35.99 Blu-ray; rated PG-13)

On the Road: Americana Collection. TV reporter Charles Kuralt showed himself a real champion of the ordinary person in these dispatches from around the country, which were featured on The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. Kuralt's reports, which he filed for 20 years beginning in 1967, have been collected in this exhaustive nine-disc, 17-hour box set from Acorn Media. (; $79.99; not rated)