THE ORDER of march for the Fancy Brigades at the 2012 Mummers Parade. The 10 brigades enter the parade route at Oregon Avenue and march to Washington Avenue, where they board buses that take them to be judged at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

1. Downtowners Fancy Brigade

Captain: Frankie DeVito

Theme: Pirates . . . Dead or Alive: The Curse of Skull Island

Hoist the sails, fasten the jib and be prepared to come about. Blackbeard's ship, "Queen Anne's Revenge," is torn apart in a vicious storm. They come upon an island and soon realize they are not alone.

2. Saturnalian NYA

Captain: Jack Hatty Jr.

Theme: Empires of the Deep

As we pass down deep to the depths of the ocean, we encounter an uncharted fantasy world. This unique world of the Abyss is ruled by Acheron and his mermaids and mermen. Evil lurks in the abyss and threatens this once-secret society.

3. Avenuers Fancy Brigade

Captain: Bob Fitzmaurice

Theme: India - Maharajah's Celebration

Be charmed like snakes in a bejeweled celebration at the Taj Mahal. Making his grand entrance, Captain Bob Fitzmaurice as the Maharajah is honored as his subjects pay homage with a high-energy performance by beautiful sari and Hindi dancers.

4. South Philly Viking Fancy Brigade

Captain: Pete D'Amato

Theme: Ka"LIGHT"oscope: Harness the Power of the Spectrum

As the initial power source, Prism Captain leaves his secure location to create a spectacle of shapes and color. Suddenly an assault is attempted by a negative power. A counterattack is launched . . . will the power of the spectrum survive?

5. Golden Crown NYB

Captain: Rob Runowski

Theme: World of Witchcraft

Enter, if you dare, into the world of witchcraft. Be spellbound as Grand Warlock Captain Rob Runowski and his evil warlocks embark on a journey to unleash darkness upon us all. Beware as the wicked unite to move mountains and unlock the portal of ultimate evil from their realm of darkness.

6. Jokers NYA

Captain: John Lynch Jr.

Theme: Ancient Egypt: Rise of the Mummies

Has the Mummy returned? Travel through the sands of time as Captain John Lynch Jr. and the Jokers get caught in a sandstorm of sphinxes, pyramids, pharaohs and, yes, mummies! Keep an eye on this ritualistic celebration as its special effects will be worthy of Ra himself.

7. Bill McIntyre's Shooting Stars

Captain: Michael Adams

Theme: Expedition Everest: Quest for the Yeti

A centuries-old legend tells of a mysterious people, their forbidden mountain and the mythical creature who calls the summit his home. The inhabitants of the mountain have long lived in fear of the creature, but that is about to change. Who will ultimately claim the mountain?

8. 2nd Street Shooters

Captain: Dave Brotnitsky

Theme: Monsters Unleashed

All appears normal as the lights go out for the night, but all is not what it seems. Under the bed and in the closet lurk creatures waiting for the right time to come out for a little fright time. You will soon learn that these are monsters of a different color.

9. Satin Slipper

Captain: Tom "Terk" Gindville

Theme: The Dragon Emperor - Rise of the Terra Cotta Army

Travel beyond the Great Wall as Captain Tom "Terk" Gindville and Satin Slipper cross over to the afterlife. Watch as Emperor Qin and his army of 8,000 terra-cotta warriors maneuver for battle. Be on your guard as his generals, infantry and archers come alive to protect China from warring intruders.

10. Clevemore Fancy Brigade

Captain: Ralph Tursi

Theme: Ancient Voodoo Ritual . . . Modern Vibes

You embark on a journey through a mysterious jungle, but soon you'll realize this is no ordinary jungle. It comes to life as the natives celebrate and rejoice to honor the Tribal Chief. The modern vibes will be presented in the theme soundtrack.