Donald trump is having more problems with Miss Universe than he is with "The Apprentice" — or with those pesky Scottish wind turbines ruining the view from his new golf course.

After the issue up north with his transgendered Miss Canada contestant, Trump now has trouble down south in the Dominican Republic.

There, E! News reports, the recently crowned Miss Dominican Republic, Carlina Duran, was forced to hand over her crown because she's married.

"No mas," Duran cried when she gave up her title.

The rules of the competition state that those competing for the crown must be single. How could she "Miss" that?

Paging Gloria Allred.

Duran said the misunderstanding regarding her eligibility was a result of "the fruit of my inexperience."

The beauty contestant doesn't deny that she wed in 2009, but she didn't feel married.

"I remained like a single woman," she said, adding that the marriage had been a brief one and the annulment process had begun.

Senate intern update

Following up on yesterday's story about the "Girls Gone Wild"-sponsored winner who was supposed to intern in Sen. Mark Pryor's office, a member of a Los Angeles synagogue apologized Thursday for offering the internship as part of a charity auction that "GGW" founder Joe Francis says he won.

Chad Brownstein said he didn't get Sen. Pryor's permission to list the internship and didn't think it would be posted online before he had a chance to check with the office. He apologized to Pryor, an Arkansas Democrat, in a letter he provided to the Associated Press.

A day earlier, Pryor asked the FBI to investigate who offered his internship in the auction benefiting the Wilshire Boulevard Temple.

Francis says he won the internship in the auction and planned to include it in a prize package for his TV contest, "The Search for the Hottest Girl in America." The temple has returned his money and he's no longer listing the internship as part of the prize package.

On Wednesday, Pryor's spokeswoman called the internship listing "a hoax" and alleged that the perpetrator was "fraudulently impersonating a U.S. senator."

"This proves this was not a hoax and I think the senator owes me an apology," Francis told the Associated Press in an interview Thursday.

Brownstein, a private investor, donated $2,000 to Pryor's 2002 Senate bid and arranged a 2008 tour Pryor took of the L.A. temple. "I wish there were something else I could say other than I am sorry," Brownstein wrote in the letter. "All I can add is I realize the error in my judgment and will certainly never make this mistake again."


HBO is producing a documentary on the first President George Bush to debut two days after his 88th birthday in June.

Titled "41," the film about the 41st president is being produced by Jerry Weintraub, a friend of the Bush family and himself the subject of "My Way," another HBO documentary. In 2001, HBO also made "61*," but that was about Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. "21" is a 2008 feature film about card counters in Las Vegas. n

— Daily News wire services contributed to this report.