Is Doylestown's proudest daughter, Alecia Beth Moore, straight, gay, or bi? The 33-year-old singer known to fans as Pink  doesn't think labels are helpful.

"Honestly, I've never defined myself," Pink tells the Advocate mag in excerpts acquired by Access Hollywood. "I've never felt the need to. I still don't." Pink is married to motocross racer Corey Hart, with whom she has a 16-month-old daughter, Willow Sage.

Pink says she did some experimenting in her days as a club-hoppin' youth.

"I was like a club kid. I was a little candy raver, and I am the kind of person that sucks the marrow out of the bones of life," she says. (Eewww! Marrow?) "Those days were really crazy and lots of all-nighters . . . and there was a lot of ecstasy. And as far as I'm concerned, when you're on ecstasy there's no such thing as definable sexuality. There is just love."

Reports: Rihanna dating Chris Brown

Reports are piling up that Rihanna, who recently shared her pain via Oprah about the 2009 assault she suffered at the hands of then-beau Chris Brown, has made him her now-beau.

The New York Daily News says the duo were seen kissing at a New York club Monday night and even "disappeared into the bathroom together" for 20 minutes. (Maybe he was just helping her get a wine stain out?) Power 105 DJ Suss One, who was working the club, tells the News the bathroom report "was a blatant lie."

Tongues wagged again when Rihanna and Brown were spotted acting in a manner cozy at a Jay-Z show in Brooklyn on Wednesday night. The pair later were seen leaving the same hotel separately, proof positive they actually were there together!

On the first presidential debate

Celebs are coming out of the woodwork to comment on the first Barack Obama-Mitt Romney presidential smackdown. We're partial to faux pundit Jon Stewart's faux analysis. "I think we can all be satisfied in this election that no matter what happens, we're going to have an incredibly good-looking president," Stewart said Thursday on Good Morning America.

"That was some beefcake up there last night. The two of them. And when they take this thing into the swimsuit competition . . ."

Kidman behind Holmes-Cruise split?

What a preposterous question! Yet some gossipers continue to suggest that Tom Cruise's second ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, advised his third ex, Katie Holmes, on how to leave Scientology's Impossible Missionary. "I never spoke to her," Kidman tells Australia's Who mag. "I wish all of them well, but I was not involved in any of that." For her part, Kidman, 45, is anything but bitter about her marriage to Tom. "It was a fantastic decade. I wish all of the people that have been involved in my life well, because it's very important to me to be in a place of forgiveness and love," says Kidman. Besides, she adds, she has two terrific kids, Bella, 19, and Connor, 17, from the marriage.

"I'm amazed that I have been a mother for so much of my life now," says Kidman, who has two kids, Faith, 2 in December, and Sunday Rose, 4, with country crooner hub Keith Urban.

Rock Hall noms: Public Enemy, Joan Jett

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Thursday announced its nominees for 2013. Hall of Fame voters will choose inductees from among these artists: Donna Summer, Lankenau Hospital-born Joan Jett, the Meters, Public Enemy, N.W.A., Albert King, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Kraftwerk, Randy Newman, Procol Harum, Rush, the Marvelettes, Deep Purple, and Chic. The recently deceased Summer is a sure bet to get in, as are political-sloganeering rappers Public Enemy, and probably Kraftwerk. The induction ceremony will be held in Los Angeles in April.

- Dan DeLuca

Babies! It's raining celebrity babies!

Hanson singer and drummer Taylor Hanson, who at 29 is a mere pup himself, already has five kids! Hanson and wife Natalie, 28, this week welcomed the fifth, daughter Wilhelmina Jane. "She arrived . . . and was welcomed by more love than could fit in the room," the Hansons tell People.

Former reality star Holly Madison and hub Pasquale Rotella, who are expecting their first baby in March, somehow have found out its sex. But they won't share.

It's been only eight weeks since she gave birth to son Camden Jack Cutler, but Kristin Cavallari, 25, already is so slim, svelte, lithe, and even . . . yes . . . even lissome. The Hills and Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County alumna, who made her lil' darling with her Chicago Bears quarterback fiance Jay Cutler, has a super-secret slimming secret. Which is super. And secret. "I honestly can say I owe it all to breastfeeding," she tells People. "I read somewhere that it's like running six miles a day." Adds Cavallari, "I know nursing is difficult for a lot of moms, so it's easier said than done."

TV personality and new mum Giuliana Rancic, 38, says the Aug. 28 birth of Edward Duke Rancic, her son with hub Bill, was the high point of her life. It was all the sweeter, she says, because it came less than a year after the worst day of her life, learning she had breast cancer.

"I remember getting diagnosed last September, and it's fair to say that it was the worst day of my life," Rancic tells Parade mag. "Yet, three weeks ago, I had the best day of my life, seeing my baby boy come into the world."

This dialectical play of light and shadow, high and low, has taught Rancic a valuable life lesson. "It just really teaches you so much about how resilient we are," she says. "If you just stay positive. . . . There will be a light at the end of the tunnel."

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