Charming and affectionate, Yesali has a brilliant smile that draws others to her. Although the 11-year-old is a bit shy when meeting new people, she soon warms up and engages in animated conversation, especially if the topic involves something she loves.

Her favorite subject is animals. Not only does she love all kinds of them, but she also knows a great deal about them - from their distinct sounds to their particular mannerisms. Yesali also loves trees and is an accomplished climber. When asked what she likes about herself, Yesali replies, "I'm funny and friendly and nice."

Other interests include riding her bike, going to the playground, watching cartoons, playing games, swimming, and tending to her collection of stuffed animals. Yesali enjoys going to school and gets along well with her teachers and classmates.

With her love of animals, it's no surprise that she dreams of working with them when she grows up. Yesali has a more immediate goal, however - to have a "forever" family. She would do well in a family that would be loving and patient and would provide a structured, consistent environment for her.