It looks as if Lindsay Lohan, 26, is about to board an express train to jail. A Los Angeles judge on Wednesday revoked LiLo's probation from her 2011 necklace theft case after the actor was charged with three misdemeanor counts stemming from a June reckless driving case. LiLo allegedly slammed her Porsche into a dump truck in Santa Monica and lied about it to police. She claimed her assistant was behind the wheel. Her fate - she could get up to 245 days in jail - will be decided at a Jan. 15 hearing. LiLo, who played Elizabeth Taylor in the TV flop Liz & Dick, also is in trouble in New York, where she was arrested Nov. 29 for allegedly punching Palm Beach psychic Tiffany Mitchell at a club. RadarOnline says the latest legal bumps may cost LiLo a $500,000 endorsement deal with clothing company Odaingerous.

Need money, LiLo? Punch Tiffany!

Lindsay Lohan's troubles extend to money: The IRS seized her bank accounts earlier this month, charging that she owes $233,000 for unpaid taxes in 2009 and 2010. She's so broke that Charlie Sheen recently gave her a $100,000 charity donation so she could pay her bills. If she needs more, she can always turn to Philadelphia fight promoter Damon Feldman, who tells us that he and his partner, billionaire entrepreneur Alki David, are putting up a $1 million purse if LiLo gets in the boxing ring. All she'll have to do is repeat her (alleged) nightclub altercation by facing off with Tiffany Mitchell.

"Tiffany is definitely interested," Feldman said Wednesday. He said he's waiting to hear back from LiLo.

Pope Benedict XVI speaks ex Twittera

Does the doctrine of papal infallibility apply to Twitter? Can the pope tweet ex cathedra? These were among the questions pondered by theologians Wednesday in the wake of Pope Benedict XVI's debut on Twitter.

"Dear friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter," the 265th pontiff said in his inaugural tweet. "Thank you for your generous response. I bless all of you from my heart."

Launched in eight languages, Benedict's account @Pontifex - a reference to the Bishop of Rome's role as "bridge-builder" - had nearly 1 million followers by early afternoon.

Benedict, 85, spent the day posing a number of stimulating questions. "How can faith in Jesus be lived in a world without hope?" he asked philosophically.

Brooke Burke cancer-free

Dancing With the Stars host and all-around media beauty Brooke Burke Charvet is in the mood to celebrate: She's cancer-free after undergoing thyroid surgery.

"I just got the results back from all of my tests and great news - the thyroid cancer has been removed from my body," Brooke, 41, said in her blog on the website "So I'm hoping that this is the end of the story. Woohoo!!! And thank GOD!"

Britney Spears leads all women

Her career seemed dead and buried just a few years ago, but Britney Spears is back in a big way. The X Factor judge on Wednesday was crowned by Forbes mag as 2012's top-earning woman in the music biz. Brit, who made $58 mil in the last 12 months, knocks out last year's winner, Lady Gaga. Taylor Swift is No. 2 with $57 mil, while Rihanna is in third place with $53 mil.  Her GagaShip , who raked in $90 mil in 2011, this year drops all the way to No. 4 with $52 mil.

Princess Diana would approve

Despite all the media chicanery, the Prince William-Kate Middleton baby news is wonderful and even marvelous.

So confirms Marie Sutton, a friend of Prince William's late mum, Princess Diana. "The pregnancy is just such marvelous news and Diana would be over the moon, absolutely," Marie tells Life & Style. "I think she would have loved Kate - everyone seems to love her, she's very easygoing and has a beautiful family." Adds Marie, "I think Diana would have blended in very well with the Middletons."

Anne Hathaway: Devastated!

It's true, some celeb ingenues have in the past flashed their privates to the paparazzi for publicity. Not so thesp Anne Hathaway, who on Monday made headlines when she had a wardrobe malfunction at the New York premiere of Les Misérables. "I was getting out of the car and my dress was so tight that I didn't realize it until I saw all the photographers' flashes," Anne tells Vanity Fair's Ingrid Sischy, reports the New York Daily News. "It was devastating." Adds Anne, "I'm sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies unwilling participants."

Sean Penn: Marriage was a fraud

Sean Penn's marriage to Robin Wright gave us such hope. It made us believe there could be love in a world totally bereft of meaning, direction, and mercy. Alas, it ended in 2010 after 14 years.

Now we hear the whole thing was a fraud, a sham, a mockery. So Penn tells Esquire mag. "There is no shame in saying that we all want to be loved by someone. As I look back over my life in romance, I don't feel I've ever had that," says Penn, 52, who was married to Madonna for four years in the '80s. "I have been the only one that was unaware of the fraud in a few of these circumstances blindly." Penn and Wright have two kids, daughter Dylan, 21, and son Hopper, 19.

Morrissey: Blame the Royals

Singer Morrissey says the public should blame the royal family for the apparent suicide of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who last week transferred a prank call to Kate Middleton's private nurse. Kate was in the hospital with morning sickness. "There's no blame placed on Kate Middleton, who was in that hospital, as far as I can see, for absolutely no reason. She feels no shame about the death of this woman," the singer told a New Zealand TV show. "The arrogance of the British royals is . . . absolutely staggering."