WHILE IT'S not good news for anyone studying to be a veterinarian, or anyone just now entering the profession, the American Veterinary Medical Association says that supply exceeded demand for veterinary services by about 11,250 full-time equivalent veterinarians. That means that 12.5 percent of the profession's capacity to provide services is going unused. More bad news: Veterinary salaries are going down, while student debt is going up.

* A dog found with his paws and tail frozen to a puddle of water in an abandoned home is now walking on four prosthetic paws, thanks to a veterinary assistant who was unwilling to give up on him. Naki'o now runs and jumps on prostheses made by Denver-based OrthoPets. None of it would have happened had veterinary assistant Christie Pace, of Colorado Springs, Colo., not adopted the dog after his rescue. Naki'o is believed to be the first dog to have prosthetics on all four limbs.

- Dr. Marty Becker

and Gina Spadafori