Nyzeir, 9, dreams of being a famous basketball player someday and having lots of money. Extremely bright, artistic, and athletic, he loves to challenge himself at various sports, including basketball and football. His favorite pastimes include watching sports and shows about superheroes on television. He is very sweet and affectionate when he feels comfortable with people. Although he tends to be a bit shy when meeting new people he soon warms up, especially if the conversation involves sports.

Nyzeir is in the third grade and enjoys learning new things. He particularly likes math and recess. A good student, his report card has many A's and B's.

Nyzeir has experienced many losses and separations in his life and yearns for a permanent home with a mom and a dad or just a dad. He does very well in relationships with a strong male role model. Nyzeir has an abundance of energy and needs a family that can channel his energy into a positive, structured and active way. It would be best if he is the youngest or only child in the family. In the right family environment, Nyzeir would thrive and reach his considerable potential.