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New 'Idol' breaks boy streak, judge says bye

Candice Glover breaks the boy streak to win Season 12 of "American Idol." Randy Jackson sat at the judges' table for his final finale.

Candice Glover breaks the boy streak to win Season 12 of "American Idol." (She's the first woman in six seasons to win, and the first African-American since Jordin Sparks in Season 6). Randy Jackson sat at the judges' table for his final finale.

Lady Gaga wears ridic platform boots that were made even more ridic considering she's recovering from hip surgery - to a Versus Versace event.

Wade Robson, who testified that Michael Jackson did not molest him in Jackson's 2005 trial, went on NBC's "Today" show to take back that testimony. Robson said having a son of his own motivated him to speak up.

Debbie Rowe, perhaps the second and more perplexing of Jackson's two ex-wives, called Robson's allegations "publicity-seeking" and "opportunistic." Tattle, however, calls the whole prolonged ugly situation a freaking circus. Please pass the Purell.

Sean "Diddy" Combs (but you can call him "Puffy") punked his 8 million Twitter followers by telling them he'd be a regular on the next season of PBS Brit soap "Downton Abbey." Now that would have sent Lord Grantham into a tailspin.


The Donald (Trump) gets all dramatic in court. The federal judge presiding over the civil trial, in which an 87-year-old is suing him for allegedly making false promises to rope her into buying a condo, told Trump to behave himself.

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine donate $70 mil to fund an innovating academy at USC.


Angelina Jolie advocates for women's health by writing about her double mastectomy in a New York Times op-ed. Online opinion writers nationwide advocate for better education by posting sexist, lewd, snarky and otherwise inappropriate comments about Jolie's procedure.

Drake leads the BET award noms with a cool dozen. R. Kelly and Chris Brown plan to perform. Newly resurrected Chris "Silver Linings" Tucker will host.


The Los Angeles Times reported that women in major movies are at a five-year-low. That makes sense, though, because women hate movies-and really hate getting paid for acting in them.

"Today" show co-host Savannah Guthrie and non-famous BF Mike Feldman got engaged.

Barbara Walters said she'd retire from "The View" next summer.

London's Daily Mirror reported Brad Pitt bought 100 jars of $18 fruit preserves in France.

Night Moves "SNL" head writer and "Weekend Update" anchor Seth Meyers announced he's taking off. Sort of. Meyers will take Jimmy Fallon's spot on "Late Night," next year. That's when Fallon will take Jay Leno's gig on the "Tonight Show."

Not to be outdone, "SNL" cast member Bill Hader announced he'll bid farewell to the show, too, this Saturday night.

Non-"SNL" anything Lady Tattle announced she thinks it's high time for Lorne Michaels to bring more diversity back into his show's mix. Then maybe she'd have a reason to stay up way past her bedtime one night a week.

Bey sides

Tuesday night, Beyoncé canceled her show in Antwerp, Belgium, citing dehydration et al. Wednesday, Queen Bey defied doctor's orders and took to the stage. In case you plan a trip to historic Antwerp later this month: She will make up her Tuesday show May 31.

Smith shifts

Tuesday, the ever-reliable London Sun reported Jaden Smith's 15th birthday wish was for emancipation from his parents.

Wednesday, while guest co-hosting "Ellen" with Dear Ole Dad, Jaden said he'd rather sponge off the 'rents until he's at least as rich as them. (Meanwhile, in a quiet wing of the family's Malibu mansion, Willow, ever the third wheel, sorrowfully flips her hair.)

Pot calling

Tommy Chong proclaimed, "Hemp is going to save the world."

Goblin Problem

Chris Brown's neighbors in the Hollywood Hills don't like the fearsome painted goblins that adorn his retaining wall. Funny, most people love to take peaceful strolls among scary trolls.