Dahsiyoni, 12, loves to read and visit the library. Imaginative and creative, she writes short stories and poetry. Although most of her stories are fictional, they mirror her life. Writing is an outlet for her feelings.

Dahsiyoni hopes to be a teacher some day. For now, she keeps busy with a variety of interests, including drawing, crafts, bowling, and going to movies. She also likes singing in church and participating in youth activities.

Although Dahsiyoni can appear to be timid and reserved, she enjoys meeting new people and quickly warms up when she gets to know you. Friendly, loving, and polite, she is respectful toward adults and her peers. Dahsiyoni is very mature for her age and often is the mediator when there is conflict among her friends.

The sixth grader is a hard-working student and her report card has many B's. She is excited about being a dancer in her school play.

Despite experiencing much trauma in her young life, Dahsiyoni is resilient and adapts well to change. She would like a forever family with siblings her own age and pets. Dahsiyoni would thrive in a loving, patient, and empathetic family who would provide a structured environment.