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Who's that coming up Broad, strutting their stuff?

A complete Daily News String Band guide to who's on first, what's on Two Street.

Fralinger won last year, as Captain Thomas D'Amore led them "Back from the Dead." ( STEVEN M. FALK / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER )
Fralinger won last year, as Captain Thomas D'Amore led them "Back from the Dead." ( STEVEN M. FALK / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER )Read moreSteven M. Falk

HERE'S THE ORDER of march for the 2014 Mummers String Bands. The first band steps off at Broad & Shunk at 10:30 a.m. The number in parentheses indicates a band's 2013 prize ranking. (Thanks to Joe Leso for helping prepare the guide.)

Woodland (3)

Captain: Tom Robison

Theme: Legend of the Lamp

Woodland invites you to a Royal Celebration. The scene is a busy marketplace where the villagers experience a grand parade. The destination is the palace where, guided by a magic carpet, numerous sultans await. Finally the Prince, accompanied by his Genie, makes his grand entrance, joining the celebration. Song selections include "Hindustan," "Caravan," "A Friend Like Me" and "A Whole New World."

Fralinger (1)

Captain: Scott Wray

Theme: The Circus Comes To Town

Step right up and watch the defending champions with a Big Top musical arrangement and side-splitting performance - presenting the greatest show on Earth. Lots of laughs as a myriad of colorful clowns take center stage with their outrageous shenanigans and the renowned Fralinger sound. First year Captain Scott Wray is the Ring Master and The King of the Clowns.

Polish American (9)

Captain: Nick Magenta

Theme: It's SNOW-Time!

Experience a fantastic arctic journey with glaciers, igloos and lots and lots of snow. Eskimos, explorers, adorable penguins and lovable dancing polar bears, featuring the Ballerina Bear, provide an upbeat, toe-tapping wintry musical score. Led by the Snow King, Captain Nick Magenta, the band also recreates the classic game of "Don't Break the Ice." Polish American concludes its performance before Old Man Winter magically covers all in a winter wonderland.

Avalon (6-tie)

Captain: Jack Hee

Theme: The Fields Are Alive

Rise and Shine as daybreak occurs on the farm. Avalon's merry group of colorful scarecrows spring to life, singing and dancing while taking control of the cornfields. Additional settings include a barn, windmill and pumpkin patch. Song selection consists of farm favorites in a variety of musical styles, including folk, swing, ragtime and jazz. Be sure to listen for the bandsmen singing "You Are My Sunshine" in three part harmony.

Joseph A. Ferko (5)

Captain: Anthony Celenza

Theme: Ferko is TOY-rific

We are all kids at heart as Ferko welcomes us to its wonderful world of toys. Coming to life are wooden wind-up soldiers, plastic army men, Raggedy Ann, spacemen, robots and many more familiar characters. Musically, Ferko presents diverse arrangements and harmonies on traditional, familiar song selections. Captain Anthony Celenza portrays the iconic Monopoly Man who leads the Mr. Toy Band.

Uptown (10)

Captain: Ryan Radcliffe

Theme: The Pillage People

A musical tribute to the Vikings reflects their dominance of the high seas and their ruthless quest for treasure. From his briny vessel, Captain Radcliffe is the courageous "Eric the Red," ultimately leading his warriors against dragons and sea serpents. Indicative of the era, band members will be dressed in furs and armor with horned helmets.

Original Trilby (17)

Captain: Joseph Kaminski

Theme: All For Mum and Mum For All

Trilby revives the traditions of the Parade when it was officially sanctioned by the city in the early 1900s. The costumes depict the Parade's early roots, and classic string-band tunes include "Four Leaf Clover," "When You're Smiling" and, of course, "Golden Slippers." The Trilby name goes back to 1901, participants in the first "official" Mummers Parade.

South Philadelphia (4)

Captain: Denny Palandro

Theme: Invasion of Piracy

South Philly's raiders of the seas hoist their pirate colors as the wind and rain bombard their vessel. These swashbucklers make their presence felt especially with the mermaids, who entice them in mysterious ways. Watch Pirate King Denny Palandro steer the ship through the cannon fire as they battle the pirates from Davey Jones' locker. Seafaring song selections include "Sailors Hornpipe," "Live Till I Die" and the theme from the "Pirates of the Caribbean."

Greater Overbrook (16)

Captain: "Wild" Bill Razzano

Theme: Showboatin' on Broad Street

Board the Greater Overbrook Mississippi Showboat as Captain Wild Bill Razzano and his Saloon Gals and performers welcome passengers to a night of gambling, revelry and entertainment. The various tavern and casino characters and dancers provide a good time as the riverboat is turned into a musical experience.

Aqua (8)

Captain: Ron Iannacone

Theme: Aqua Shoots for the Stars:

Space . . . the final Mum-Tier!

A voyage and mission to entertain on strange new worlds, seek out new life forms and boldly strut where no string band has strutted before. The setting is the bridge of the Aqua starship, traveling at warp speed. Signature space compositions abound, with the theme from "Star Trek," "Close Encounters" and "Lost In Space."

Hegeman (6-tie)

Captain: John Baron

Theme: Hegeman's Household Havoc

What really goes on behind closed doors in the homes of the 1950s? Hegeman's creative theme takes the viewer to a suburban household preparing for an extravagant dinner party. The chores are set to fast-paced dance segments, and Captain John P. Baron is Momma Martha Mayhem. Tunes include some '50s TV favorites.

Quaker City (2)

Captain: Jim Good

Theme: California Here We MUM

Arriving by train, prospectors and pioneers are on a quest for gold. First year Captain Jim Good ignites the mines to reveal that they've struck "Golden Slippers" and other surprises. After panhandling in the mighty "Shenandoah," everyone grabs their tools and celebrates their riches by heading to the tavern to dance. Songs include "California Here I Come," "Oh Susanna" and "She'll be Coming Around the Mountain."

Pennsport (11)

Captain: Charlie Nicholas

Theme Title: A Carnival in Venice

Experience the Carnevale di Venezia, including the outdoor festivities in the Piazza San Marco to the Grand Ballroom for a Masquerade Ball Finale. As the participants arrive by gondola, they are entertained by the organ grinder and his monkey as well as the local puppeteer and his harlequin puppets. The festival continues as the guests celebrate at the Masquerade Ball with a majestic waltz and maypole dance. Music includes a number of Italian melodies.

Peter A. Broomall (13)

Captain: Peter Broomall Sr.

Theme: Camping is in Tents

The great outdoors! As the sun rises over Camp Broomall, the campers are awakened by Park Ranger, Captain Pete Broomall, for an eventful day of hiking, boating, roasting marshmallows and fishing. Watch for the campsite being visited by hungry bears.

Durning (14)

Captain: Joe "Asti" Pomante

Theme: Wet Side Story

Travel back with Durning to the nostalgic 1960s California beach culture, where Captain Pomante and his cool cohorts get ready to catch the waves before partying at the Beach Shack. But will they get wiped-out? Look for the '60s hairdos, the "Woody" Car, Umbrella Dance, the real life Surfers and the Ball on the Beach. Soundtrack includes many Beach Boys tunes.

Greater Kensington (15)

Captain: Harry Bradley

Theme: Proud to be a "Mum" Merican

Greater Kensington presents a star-spangled celebration of the U.S.A., with its glittering red, white and blue costumes. Patriotic songs include "Yankee Doodle Dandy," "God Bless America" and "Stars and Stripes Forever." Captain Bradley transitions from a Colonial patriot to a marching-band drum major.

Duffy (12)

Captain: Ted Kudrick

Theme: No Strings Attached

A "string band" of magic and thread as marionettes built by master carpenter Geppheto (Captain Kudrick) come to life but break from his control. The wood shop turns into a theater as the Maestro of the Marionettes empowers his wooden band, dolls and other puppets to entertain. His favorite son, Pinocchio, also makes an appearance. Beloved children's songs include "Got No Strings," "Theme From the Muppet Show" and "Rainbow Connection."