KEVIN HART'S new movie "About Last Night" is all about relationships, so I decided to see where this Philly homeboy's head is in terms of love, dating and . . . relationships.

I met up with him and co-star Regina Hall last week at the Four Seasons earlier where I got to observe their great chemistry first hand as they joked back and forth. I kicked things off by asking Hart what his favorite go-to date spot was in Philly from back in the day.

Hart: It was a place called Swanky Bubbles. Swanky Bubbles used to be my little spot when I was younger and dating and taking women out.

Hall: What was the highest-priced meal at Swanky Bubbles?

Hart: My bill used to come up to about $33.

DN: How did you get away with paying only $33?

Hart: At the time I was a shoe salesman at City Sports in Philadelphia. Man, I was pulling in overtime! Those checks were coming in. We got paid every two weeks but because I put so many hours in you know I was making about $8.75 an hour. That much!

I had some money! Right now, of course, you look at money differently but back then, $1,600 a month, that was a great month. I was 20, 21. You couldn't tell me nothing! I took girls all over. "What you want? What you want, baby?" "Want to go to Swanky Bubbles?"

DN: Was Valentine's Day a big day for you back then?

Hart: I just told you financially where I was. I've never done anything crazy or out of the ordinary. I was more of a thanker, more a thanker, the guy who would listen.

Hall: He didn't have much. That was what men who don't have money do.

DN: Regina, are you a woman who wants things done up big for Valentine's Day with balloons, teddy bears, candy and all that?

Hall: I don't really care. You know what I mean? If you do it, I appreciate it. I like thoughtfulness. I really do.

Hart: Back massage . . .

Hall: So if a guy does something really thoughtful, then I'm really happy.

Hart: Like some comfortable slippers . . .

Hall: A nice comfortable robe . . .

Hart: A bed pan . . .

DN: Do you have any Valentine's Day horrror stories?

Hart: I don't. I think all of my Valentine's Days were amazing.

Hall: One Valentine's Day, the guy I was with at the time, he had never celebrated Valentine's Day. I went into, "We've got to celebrate." I went into, "We've got to celebrate. We've got to celebrate." He got all into it and I had to work that day. I came home and he had bought us matching satin pajamas and he was sitting home. And he was mad because I had missed all of Valentine's Day and night. I was like "I'm sorry" but there was no Valentine's Day celebration. He got into it. He didn't want to do anything and I said, "You have to!"

DN: Kevin, how was the recent daddy-daughter dance you went to?

Hart: It was amazing. It was the best day of my life so far. Seeing my daughter that happy was one of the best feelings ever.

DN: How old will she have to be to have a Valentine?

Hart: 37.

Hall: 79. Oh, you're going to let her go at 37?

Hart: 37.

Hall: He says that now. I think when she's 37, he's going to say, "Baby . . . 44."

Hart: It's going to be tough for somebody to get my little girl. I'm setting the bar high.

DN: What are Philly women like to date?

Hart: Philadelphia women are some of the best women that you can find because they are driven, hard workers. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

Hall: That's true. One of my closest friends is from Philly. (Hall is from Washington, D.C.)

Hart: D.C. girls can fight.

Hall: It comes in handy.

Hart: I'm not playing. There's this girl named Melissa Cartwright from D.C. You know I told you I was on the swim team when I was a kid. Melissa was from D.C. She came to our team. We got into a little problem. Melissa was the first girl - this is Black History Month - she was the first girl I've ever seen to hold her hands like a man.

Hall: Yeah, that's what they do.

Hart: That's a real person. A true story. A shoutout to Melissa Cartwright if she ever reads this.

DN: I wonder what Melissa's doing right now?

Hall: Hopefully not fighting.

Hart: She might have gained some weight. Melissa had some babies when she was young.

DN: Regina, one of my male friends asked me to find out who you are dating.

Hart: That's a good question.

Hall: I don't really talk about it. I'm a homebody. Kind of private . . .

Hart: Do you watch basketball games in your off time?

Hall: I watch football, a Redskins fan, basketball. I'm not a big Wizards fan. You got invited to the game.

Hart: Yeah, but you like basketball.

Hall: I like basketball. I like football. I like hockey.

Hart: OK. What's your favorite color? Do you like blue?

Hall: I like blue. I like brown. I love polka dots.

Hart: Do you like a blue and yellow combination?

Hall: (Laughing) I keep certain things amongst close friends. Because close friends are who you can trust.

DN: Kevin, how has the way women approach you changed since you've become successful?

Hart: If you're approachable, women will approach. Success does bring in a different stature. I won't sit up here and be oblivious to that. But it's about what you want at the end of the day. I'm a more reserved person now. I've been through my crazy stages. So, I don't really feed into the female attention that's coming in now. I'm done with my crazy slinging days. I'm in a very serious relationship now.

DN: Valentine's Day is a good day to propose.

Hart: (Laughing) Valentine's Day is a good day to propose. . . . Valentine's Day is a good day to go eat some dinner and go see "About Last Night." You should go. You should go see it.