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Short Takes

Condensed from Daily News movie critic Gary Thompson’s reviews, unless noted otherwise.


Condensed from Daily News movie critic Gary Thompson's reviews, unless noted otherwise.

BRICK MANSIONS. Action-comedy with the late Paul Walker brings French "parkour" guy David Belle to Detroit to do his urban wall-crawls and flips. Flimsy plot, guilty-pleasure fun. (PG-13) B-

THE OTHER WOMAN. Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann are hilarious, as you'd expect, but things bog down after out-of-her-leaguer Kate Upton comes along. (PG-13) B- Reviewed by Daily News Wire services.

THE QUIET ONES. Stylish haunted house/exorcism shocker tries to reinvent the found-footage subgenre but isn't all that scary. With Jared Harris ("Mad Men"). (PG-13) B- Reviewed by Daily News wire services.

THE RAILWAY MAN. Engrossing true story of British soldier (Colin Firth), tortured in WWII, who finds his Japanese tormentor still alive decades later, and seeks him out. With Nicole Kidman, Hiroyuki Sanada. (R) B

BEARS. Disney story about mama bear and her cubs has sweeping vistas, remarkable wildlife photography, playful narration by John C. Reilly. (G) B Reviewed by Daily News wire services.

TRANSCENDENCE. Romance between woman and machine is a "Her" for dummies. Johnny Depp is the "him" - a scientist who uploads his brain to a computer. (PG-13) C- Reviewed by Daily News wire services.

UNDER THE SKIN. Scarlett Johansson is quietly very good as a man-hunting alien in odd, creepy indy. Yes, there are nude scenes, but mostly we watch her drive a van in the rain. (R) B

A HAUNTED HOUSE 2. In sequel to Marlon Wayans horror-spoof, Malcolm starts over with new girlfriend and new "dream home." You can see where this is going, right? (R) C Reviewed by Daily News wire services.

ALAN PARTRIDGE. Darkly comic movie brings Steve Coogan's BBC character to the big screen, hilariously. Imagine Ron Burgundy with a brain. (R) B+

DRAFT DAY. Football movie with no football in it glorifies front-office gamesmanship. With Kevin Costner. (PG-13) C

OCULUS. In horror flick, mirror causes delusions in those around it. Director Mike Flanagan has ghoulish fun with the premise, but it wears thin. (R) B-

RIO 2. Songs from Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae transform animated feature, set in the Amazon jungle, into jaunty musical. Could use more jokes, though.(G) B

DOM HEMINGWAY. Jude Law packs on pounds to play larger-than-life ex-con. Starts fun, takes schmaltzy wrong turn. (R) C+

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) are spring's cutest couple. Want action? It's got that, too. (PG-13) B.

NOAH. Darren Aronofsky's epic mash-up is provocative take on Old Testament story. (PG-13) B+

LE WEEK-END. Long-married couple's Paris getaway turns into volcanic referendum on their pressurized marriage. (R) B+

DIVERGENT. Romantic rapport between Theo James and Shailene Woodley helps overcome rocky franchise start. Keep your eyes on these two. (PG-13) B-

MUPPETS MOST WANTED. Spy caper has the gang touring Europe, with lot of stars - including Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais - helping out. Bret McKenzie's songs lack last film's sparkle. (PG) B-

THE LUNCHBOX. Worthy successor to "Babette's Feast" and "Big Night" pairs passion for food and life - in this case Indian food in Mumbai. (PG) A- Reviewed by Daily News wire services.

THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. Latest twee film has Wes Anderson trifling with (gulp) Nazism. Ralph Fiennes is very good as M. Gustave, concierge. (R) B-

MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN. Animated 3-D feature turns Jay Ward original into a funny, moving story of a dog and his boy. (PG) B