Natasha is a sociable, active, and curious 13-year-old who enjoys being around people and receiving a lot of attention. Affectionate, she delights in giving hugs and kisses, and holding your hand and showing you around the foster-care facility where she lives.

She likes spending time with the staff there, and gets along well with the other children.

Diagnosed with autism, Natasha receives special-education services and has made significant progress in the last few years. She can identify animals and colors. Music is her favorite class, where she is able to use the instruments; she also avidly plays games on the school iPad. At home, she likes to watch cartoons.

Natasha can walk and run without assistance. Although she is speech-delayed, she communicates through sign language, gestures, and some words. She is comfortable taking your hand and guiding you toward the object of her interest.

Natasha is developing self-care skills, including making her bed. She needs a loving, patient, and committed family - preferably experienced with special-needs children - to help her reach her potential. She is eligible for ongoing financial assistance.