Condensed from Daily News movie critic Gary Thompson's reviews, unless noted otherwise.

THE NEIGHBORS. It's new parents Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne vs. the frat boys next door in sometimes obscene slapstick. (R) B

LOCKE. Tom Hardy plays man whose life falls apart as he drives his Beemer, fielding calls. (R) B+

LEGENDS OF OZ. Even in 3-D, everything about this animated retread is flat. (PG) D Reviewed by Daily News wire services.

FED UP. Solid documentary linking sugar to disease. (PG) B

BELLE. True story of Anglo-African aristocrat coming of age in 18th century England as the debate over slavery rages. (PG) B

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. Reboot stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and a nerdy-gone-menacing Jamie Foxx. (PG-13) B-

BRICK MANSIONS. Action-comedy with the late Paul Walker, French "parkour" guy David Belle. (PG-13) B-

THE OTHER WOMAN. Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann are hilarious, Kate Upton not so much. (PG-13) B- Reviewed by Daily News Wire services.

THE QUIET ONES. Stylish haunted house/exorcism shocker. (PG-13) B- Reviewed by Daily News wire services.

THE RAILWAY MAN. British soldier (Colin Firth) who was tortured in WWII seeks out his tormentor decades later. (R) B

BEARS. Disney film about mama bear and cubs. (G) B Reviewed by Daily News wire services.

A HAUNTED HOUSE 2. Marlon Wayans has new gal pal, new "dream home." (R) C Reviewed by Daily News wire services.

OCULUS. In horror flick, mirror causes delusions. (R) B-

RIO 2. Animated feature has jaunty music, too few jokes. (G) B

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. Steve Rogers and Natasha are spring's cutest couple. (PG-13) B.

DIVERGENT. Rapport between leads helps overcome rocky franchise start. (PG-13) B-