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A UFO summit

Alien admirers from around the globe will converge on South Jersey on Thursday.

ALIEN ADMIRERS from around the globe will converge on South Jersey from Thursday through Sunday for the 45th annual MUFON Symposium, run by the California-based Mutual UFO Network, which claims to be the world's oldest and largest investigative body into the UFO phenomenon.

Wyndmoor-based alien-abduction researcher David M. Jacobs has spoken at the confab in the past, though he isn't participating this year.

The symposium will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill. About 500 people have preregistered, although the hotel can accommodate about 1,000, MUFON spokesman Roger Marsh said.

For $298 (or less, if you skip parts), you can train as a "field investigator" and learn about "UFO Film Making," governmental disclosure and media coverage of UFOs, Area 51, the Phoenix Lights, ancient stone structures that could be "E.T. Terraforming" and such topics.