ARE YOU just hungover from a night of hard partying - or were you abducted by aliens?

Apparently it can be difficult to tell, based on this selection of questions that the Mutual UFO Network asks on a questionnaire to determine if you are "an experiencer."

* Have you awoken in bed to find beings in your bedroom? Did you move your body or cry out and then become paralyzed?

* Do you have memories of moving rapidly through the air under someone else's control when you were awake in bed and observed intruders in your bedroom?

* Are you aware of having been examined on an alien craft?

* Do you occasionally hear strange, codelike buzzing sounds in your ears similar to tinnitus, or hear telepathic messages, or feel a strange but familiar sensation that you'll have an abduction experience that night?

* Have you awoken with unexplained marks on your body, such as cored-out areas of tissue, triangle-shaped burns, finger-shaped bruises or a sunburn without exposure to the sun?

* Have you awoken and found yourself dressed in someone else's clothing or with (your) own clothing inside out or backward, without a prosaic explanation?

* If you are a female, have you experienced a gynecological problem that you think is related to your abduction/contact experiences?

* Can you feel a foreign object in your body that you suspect is an alien implant?

* Have you awoken with memories of alien abduction and found that you are more sensitive to light?

* Have you awoken with burns, hair loss or conjunctivitis, and memories of an abduction/contact?

* Do you crave excessive amounts of salt?

* Have you witnessed paranormal activity in your home, such as light orbs, objects flying through the air, pictures flying off walls, lights turning off and on, windows opening and closing, doors opening and closing, and toilets flushing on their own?

* Do you possess information about alien technology that

you've never read or learned in your normal environment?