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6ABC's Adam Joseph talks about his new baby

6ABC's Adam Joseph announced the birth of his first child yesterday, and for the first time publicly acknowledged his partner of five years, Karl.

6ABC's Adam Joseph announced the birth of his first child yesterday, and for the first time publicly acknowledged his partner of five years, Karl.

Joseph and Karl welcomed baby Jacob at 1:41 a.m. Tuesday. Jacob weighed in at 9 pounds 1 ounce, and 21 inches long.

"While I believe every person reading this article should respect others' privacy, I decided to share this personal moment for my son," Joseph told me. "I want my son to be proud of both his fathers. From the day he was born, I want him to understand that families come in all shapes, sizes and colors. In our eyes, as long as there is unconditional love for a child, it doesn't matter who that child looks up to or leans on.

"Was I hesitant? Maybe for one split second and then it passed," he said. "This is unconditional love and hope. I truly wish that every person wanting a family can feel this overwhelming happiness and joy."

Joseph is not the first out TV newser in the area, but his announcement is still a big one.

He told me that he'd always wanted kids.

"Combined, [Karl and I] have 14 nieces and nephews, and thought No. 15 was overdue since the youngest niece is 8," Joseph said. "As for the timing, we both worked very hard to get to the place we are today. This is not an easy journey to go on, both emotionally and financially. Karl is the perfect partner and we've built an amazing foundation together to be able to start our family. We've had endless love and support from family and friends."

6ABC is having its own baby boom, with recent birth announcements from Ducis Rodgers, Alicia Vitarelli, Nydia Han and Jamie Apody, so Joseph is sure to get quite a bit of parenting advice.

He told me that everyone at 6ABC has been incredibly supportive, giving special shout-outs to weather colleague Cecily Tynan for giving the first baby gift, and to two-time mama Apody for her support.

While Joseph may have always been prepared to be a proud pop, nothing could prepare him for holding his newborn for the first time. What did it feel like?

"Relief. This has been a very long, emotional journey and today part of that journey ended while a new one has begun," Joseph said. "Tears instantly flowed when I first saw his face, even before he was placed in my arms. My dream of being a dad has become reality and so much more!"

Katy runs like Rocky

Pop-star extraordinaire Katy Perry tweeted to fans on Tuesday night that she keeps her promises. Which promise? To run the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art after her Day-Glo show at the Wells Fargo Center, the second of her Philly stand.

And so she did, clad in a pepperoni pizza onesie. (Despite her pizza love, Perry told concertgoers that she shouldn't eat pizza, as she's allergic to gluten. If you can't eat it, wear it?)

Hundreds of fans showed up, including former Sexy Single/Q102er Nik the Web Chick, to catch Ms. Perry do the Rocky run.

E-book it

Hey, grammar nerds! Former Daily News film critic and current University of Delaware professor Ben Yagoda has a new e-book from Penguin called You Need to Read This, collecting all his essays about the English language in one place.

Walk the 'Runway'

Miss America, a/k/a Nina Davuluri, will hit the Hamilton Mall (4403 Black Horse Pike, Mays Landing, N.J.) on Saturday to team up with "Project Runway" OG victor Jay McCarroll for the Battle of the Runway back-to-school fashion show. The free event will take place from 5 to 8 p.m.

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