If Michael could spend a day doing anything he wanted, he'd play sports, go hiking, and visit a playground. Better yet, the day would be Halloween, the best holiday of all because he can dress up and play a role in a world spun from his vivid imagination.

Creative, curious about everything around him - that's 12-year-old Michael. In school, where he receives special education services, math is his favorite subject, and he gets along well with his teachers and classmates.

He also likes to dance, and loves baseball, football, and basketball, which he plays in a school club. In fact, when he thinks about the future, he sees himself as either a professional athlete or a musical artist.

Michael can imagine the perfect permanent home, with a mom, a dad and older children who would play sports with him. Some pets, too.

The best family for him would be caring and patient. He is close to his siblings and relatives, and those contacts should be maintained.