At 13, Infiniti already has proven herself a leader among her fellow eighth graders, and in particular an advocate for victims of bullying. Outgoing and outspoken, she is a member of her school's anti-bullying club and doesn't shy away from challenging classmates who treat others unfairly.

She enjoys learning and earns good grades; she's interested in most of her subjects, but reading is her favorite. She also has an eye for fashion, and a knack for creating different clothing styles and coordinating them with her jewelry.

Infiniti hopes one day to be a designer; choreographer would be her second choice. She likes to sing and dance, especially hip-hop, sometimes creating her own routines and sometimes emulating popular entertainers' moves.

Infiniti would thrive with a patient, supportive family that would help her develop her many talents, respect her independent nature, and encourage her in her quest to learn. She is close to her younger siblings, and contact should be maintained.