Is Amal preggers?????

Rumors fly like winged monkeys in The Wizard of Oz!! Can it be? Can Amal Clooney, perfect person wed in September to longtime bachelor and serial marriage-avoider George Clooney, be enceinte? Infecundated? With kid? Over the weekend, certain photos appear to show a maternal swelling that may suggest . . . George ain't sayin', and his rep says it ain't so. Still. . . .

Marky Mark . . . coppy cop?

Weird to explain, Mark Wahlberg, who's no longer the rappin' hardbody Marky Mark of the early 1990s, now wants to be a police reservist in L.A. But he is prevented by law from handling a gun. Why? He has a felony conviction dating to 1988, when he, then 16 and high on drugs, assaulted two men and landed in the clink for two years for felony assault. It's still on his record, so no go on the police idea. He's petitioning to have his record wiped clean of the felony, pointing to his $7 million Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation and other evidence he's leafed over a new tern. Other celebs to go the reserve cop route, according to TMZ, are Shaquille O'Neal (down in Miami) and Jack Osbourne (in Muncie, Ind.).

Why did Common cancel?

Popular rapper Common was scheduled to perform at the Theatre of Living Arts (TLA to you) on Monday night. But he di'n'. Why? The TLA tweeted it out, citing unspecified "unforeseen circumstances. Refunds available at point of purchase." What is going on?

That's the second big rap cancellation for the TLA. As you may know, Beanie Sigel, who was to perform Dec. 18, was shot outside his Pleasantville, N.J., home Friday. He remains in critical condition at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center in Atlantic City.

'Mockingjay' mocks rest

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I is falling fast from its previous intake highs in the weekend box office - but it's still doing a lot better than anybody else! The Jennifer Lawrence epic took in $22 mils over the weekend, according to studio guesses, which is a 61 percent plummet from last week. But that still flattens and spits on those No. 2 birds, the poor Penguins of Madagascar, who waddled in at a paltry $10.9 mils. Thus far, Mockingjay has snorted up $258.1 mils. That is major movie money. The rest of the top 10: (3) Horrible Bosses 2, $8.4 mils; (4) Big Hero 6, $8 mils; (5) Interstellar, $7.79 mils; (6) Dumb and Dumber To, $4.27 mils; (7) The Theory of Everything, $2.6 mils; (8) Gone Girl, not quite gone with $1.47 mils; (9) The Pyramid, debuting at $1.37 mils; and (10) Birdman, $1.15 mils.

Person of Year possibles

Time mag revealed its candidates for Person of the Year for 2014. They were interesting. You had two groups: the people who care for Ebola patients, and the Ferguson, Mo., protesters. You also had individdles like Apple CEO Tim Cook, who rocked the biz world by coming out; you had Alibaba founder Jack Ma, because he makes lots of money. You had NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, because he messes up a lot. You have Russian President Vladimir Putin, because he rides horses shirtless. You have Massoud Barzani, president of the Kurdish region of Iraq.

Last but not first, you have Tay-Yay! Yeah, Wyomissing's own Taylor Swift her own smart self!!! Only lady on the list!! She's had a big hit album, a bunch o' hits, changed her career direction, and, by spurning Spotify, changed the music industry. Who will win??