Companies that release DVDs must be anticipating there being little money left after all the holiday shopping because there's an abbreviated list of new DVDs that have just hit stores. Here are some ideas from the small group of new releases.

The Intruders, B: The eight-part suspense series comes from writer and executive producer Glen Morgan, one of the major forces behind The X-Files. That background is obvious in this creepy BBC America TV series based on Michael Marshall Smith's novel of the same name.

Set against the dark and dreary backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, the series looks at a secret society with one ambition: immortality. This is accomplished by taking over the bodies of the living.

The series features several plot lines, including a child on the run and a missing wife. The vanished spouse story draws in a former LAPD police officer whose life is sent into chaos when his wife disappears.

The blend of murder mystery with the supernatural makes this a weird and wild tale.

The Blu-ray and DVD versions include a behind-the-scenes look at the series and features interviews with series stars John Simm and Mira Sorvino, plus Morgan.

Also new on DVD Tuesday:

The Good Lie: Reese Witherspoon stars in this story of three Lost Boys who move to America.

Enter the Dragon: Special Edition: A two-DVD set featuring the martial arts film starring Bruce Lee.

Peg + Cat: Pirates Ahoy! And Other Really Big Problems: Peg and Cat help pirates fairly share tropical fruit.

The Trip to Italy: Follow-up to the 2010 release, "The Trip."

1,000 Times Good Night: Husband and wife clash over her dangerous job. Juliette Binoche stars.

Pride: A London-based group of gay and lesbian activists come together to help families affected by the UK miners' strike in 1984.

Traffickers: Smuggler goes on a search for his old partners to do one last job.

Dominion: Season 1: Series that looks at the world following the war between an army of lower angels and mankind.

Wings: Sky Force Heroes: Hilary Duff and Rob Schneider provide voices in this animated tale of high-flying firefighters.

WWE: Survivor Series 2014: Includes some of the top body-slamming moments of the last year.

Mazinger Z TV Series: Part 2: Team sets out to same Japan in this animated series.

Frontline: The Rise of the Isis: Martin Smith looks at how the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria grew in power so fast.