IS MAYOR NUTTER pulling a reverse Schwarzenegger by going from politician to actor?

Probably not, but a gossip columnist can dream, can't she?

A few months back, I told you that the upcoming NBC Russian spy show "Allegiance" was filming episodes in Philly.

Now I hear that Nutter has a speaking role (as himself) in the third episode of the drama, starring Hope Davis and Scott Cohen as sleeper Russian spies tasked with turning their CIA agent son (Gavin Stenhouse) into one of them. The show premieres Feb. 5 at 10 p.m.

Nutter will appear in the third episode of the show, which was adapted from an Israeli series.

"Allegiance" executive producer George Nolfi ("The Adjustment Bureau") told Daily News television critic Ellen Gray about the direction he gave Nutter:

"I'd like you to be in this, and I'd like you to be yourself, which means I don't want to script what you're going to say. Here's the context: It's the anniversary of the founding of the city, you're giving a commemorative speech, it's a Sunday and you've come in to give the speech. That's all I'll have to do with it - I want your speechwriters to write the speech that you would give in that context."

"So it's great," Nolfi said, "He's really talking about Philadelphia . . . like a politician" with details about what's actually happening in the city.

This is the second fictional screen appearance for the mayor, who also played "Official with Bible" in the Jamie Foxx thriller "Law Abiding Citizen" opposite Viola Davis' mayor.

Joseph's back

Give a warm welcome to 6ABC's Adam Joseph, who is returning to his post today after taking paternity leave to care for his son, Jacob. Joseph confirmed via Facebook and a 6ABC rep also told me that Joseph would be back in the saddle.

"My dream of being a dad has become reality and so much more!" Joseph told me about Jacob's birth in an exclusive interview back in August.

Stallone galore!

Yesterday, I reported that sightings of Sylvester Stallone have started to pour into my inbox since Sly hit Philly this weekend to shoot the "Rocky" sequel "Creed."

On Friday, Stallone dined at Estia (1405 Locust St.) and on Saturday at D'Angelo's Ristorante Italiano (256 S. 20th St.).

But my favorite story comes from Reddit user jrf1, who posted a picture of his buds posing with Stallone on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art with the caption, "So a friend ran into this guy [Stallone] atop the Philadelphia Art Museum [sic] steps while showing friends around the city on Saturday. They ran up the steps, not knowing he was there, and he said, 'You guys are making me look bad.' "

* "Creed" is also filming beyond the city limits, and what better way to complement a bunch of Philadelphians than some English football hooligans? "Creed" film crews will be at Liverpool's Goodison Park to film crowd scenes during Everton F.C.'s match against West Bromwich Albion. Boxer and "Creed" co-star Tony Bellew (who will play the rival of star Michael B. Jordan's Adonis Creed) is a massive Everton fan and arranged for film crews to capture the fanbase he is a part of for the film at last night's game.

"Be sure you make as much noise as possible - go absolutely nuts at halftime - to help us create a brilliant atmosphere. I have seen firsthand what kind of noise Evertonians create - it will be perfect for the scene," Bellew said in a message to fellow fans.


* Hair stylist Syreeta Scott of Duafe (3502 Scotts Lane) styled the hair of "Selma" director Ava DuVernay while she was in town promoting her film.

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