Jay doesn't just play the guitar, he plays it well. So, when this 17-year-old thinks about what to do with his life, one of his happiest dreams is a career in music.

A bundle of energy, he also loves sports, and is a member of his school's soccer and basketball teams. When not on the playing field or the court, he frequently can be found testing his skill at video games.

A 10th grader, Jay lists math and reading as his favorite subjects, although he also likes school because he gets to socialize with friends. An easygoing teen, he looks forward to meeting new people and learning new things. Although he can be shy at first, he quickly warms up, especially if the conversation is about sports.

Jay has the potential to become a productive, successful adult, but he cannot do it without the guidance of a patient, loving family. His ideal family would share his interests in sports and traveling - and have a pet.