Zaviona is a young lady of many interests. Sharing the top spot on the list are music and art, possible career paths for the 12-year-old who prefers to be called "Zay." She also loves sports and showing off her fashion sense (especially freshly manicured nails).

She's also a pretty good roller-skater. On a recent visit to a skating facility, the delighted Zay learned some new moves. The technique she is now determined to master? Skating backward.

Outgoing and friendly, Zay gets along with everyone. When meeting people for the first time, she isn't too shy to ask questions, such as what kind of jobs they have.

A sixth grader, she's eager to learn and consistently receives A's and B's. Her favorite school activities are working on arts and crafts projects, spending time at the library, and exercising at the gym.

Zay dreams of having a forever family, one that is active and up for new adventures. She would be happy with a mother and a father, or just a mother, and - her idea of a perfect home - older siblings.