During a recent visit to a gymnastics center, Makayla wowed the staff with her nimble performance on the bar, beam, vault, and floor - even though she never had a bit of training. Athletically gifted, the 11-year-old eagerly followed their instructions. If she made a mistake, she worked hard to correct it, and when she succeeded, her face lit up with pride.

The instructors were so impressed that they offered her free classes.

Makayla is so passionate about gymnastics that she already has settled on it as a career. But she also loves animals, especially dogs and horses, so veterinarian is a close second on her list of things to be.

A sixth grader who always is eager to learn and conscientiously completes her homework, Makayla receives mostly A's and B's. Math is her favorite subject. She also enjoys using the school computers.

Makayla is hoping that, someday soon, her life will include a loving forever family, one that is active and adventurous. She wants a mom and a dad, or just a mom, as well as other children in the home. She is close to her sister, and needs to remain in touch with her.